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    Gen V wheels on a Gen II RT / GTS: anyone photoshop this?

    have / can any of you photoshop wizards put the Gen V wheels on a Gen II car?? I saw a PS of the wheels on a Gen III/IV and it looked pretty sharp.
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    another speaker question

    Ok, I hate to start a new thread on a much talked about topic as much as the next guy, however I DID perform a search and still need your input. It's time for me to change the speakers. 1. I have read on here that the stock door speaker size is 5 1/4 and that 6 1/2 will require modification...
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    you must watch this video

    its pretty clear, Gen I / II sound the best... :headbang:
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    strange sound = worried man

    I had my 01 RT out today and noticed a strange noise at WOT. north of 4K, there is a noticeable scratchy/rattly noise coming from the forward center console (perhaps even engine compartment area). I tried different gears at half throttle and ran the engine up to 4-5.5k, no noise. However in...
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    broken fog lamp cover

    Hi all, Rock went through the drivers side fog lamp. Broke the glass but did not break the light itself, all systems go there. Does anyone know if you can a) change the glass cover without changing the entire assembly, b) if this part is even available, and c) if the bumper needs to come off...
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    plugs and wires

    Hey guys, quick question, when changing plugs is it advisable to change wires too? Should wires be changed every time you change the plugs?
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    02 RT/10 Barrett Jackson

    Just saw a stock 02 RT/10 go for $69,000 on barrett jackson, not sure of the mileage on the car. I was so amazed that the car went for near MSRP 2002 and additionally amazed that the car auctioned for almost double what the market is dictating for late model RT/10's today. more $ than brains?
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    my girl is 9 years old

    Seems hard to believe that I've had her for 9 years. I cannot believe how fast the time goes.
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    interior map lights

    A while ago I posted about my interior map lights not turning on when I hit the switch, however turning on and off when I opened and closed the doors. This weekend I had my battery tender hooked up to the car and while inside noticed that the map lights switched on and off just fine. When I...
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    Paint Shop in Maryland

    Well after 9 years and 22,000 miles, my front fascia is starting to look like I drove into a cheese grater. Anyone know a good paint shop in Maryland?
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    Hey Guys, so many questions to ask, probably going to ramble a bit. I don't trust too many mechanics/technicians, so when I find a good one I usually stick with them. I had to move away from Jersey for my job and therefore my Viper tech. However I found a no B.S. guy near my new...
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    head unit install

    okay before everyone jumps on me, yes, i did do a search, no i did not find the answer. I have a new head unit going into the car in two weeks, however the install tech was telling me that since the viper has the 'infinity' system, that they would have to do a 'rewire' and that the end result...
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    stock head unit

    hey stereo guys quick yes or no, does the stock head unit in an 01 have a rear aux input?
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    part numbers requested

    Hey guys does anyone know the part #'s for a rear wheel lug nut and lug nut stud? Or if someone has a link to a site where I can find the part numbers that would also be great. son of a ***** ******* idiot ***** tire shop found a lug nut that was torqued on very tightly (by whom I don't know...
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    va/md viper techs

    hey guys, where are the good viper techs located in the va/md region?
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    RT stereo question

    Alright guys, I bought my car in the good old days, when Ipods didn't exist. When I took delivery of the car I had the "factory" Alpine 6 disc changer installed in the car. However it has become quite the relic over the last few years as I usually just listen to my Ipod through an FM...
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    my key BROKE! turning on the car and the key snapped at the thinnest part, next to the viper head. I was forced to plastic weld it together but it looks pretty hideous. In the future if I wanted to get a new key like the original, where would I go? could the dealer hook that up or is there a...
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    Formula Shell Oil

    Hey guys, Has anyone used this product? I was at costco looking for some oil for my DD, was planning on getting M1, they had a 6qt box for $35. Right next to it they had a 12 qt case of Formula Shell for $25. I went ahead and got the Shell but was curious if any one had used this product...
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    smooth tubes/air box

    Since you guys were such a great help with my drain plug frustrations, lets move onto the next topic! Im pretty sure that getting into the airbox to clean/change filters is a relatively easy process, my problem is that I cannot get the smooth tubes off either the throttle bodies or the rear...
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    oil change!

    So, I am attempting my first oil change on the viper as I am tired of paying upwards of $250 for the viper tech to do it. I have the car on jack stands right now (quite an interesting process to get it up there in its own right) and am attempting to get the drain plug out. Am I correct in...
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    alright guys and gals quick question, was curious if the electrical problems im seeing are related to something bigger or are just isolated incidents. About last year my high beams won't stay on when engaged, they just act as if you were flashing them, not turning them on. Additionally my...
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    pilot sport cups

    hey guys, need to replace my sports pretty soon and was looking into new tires, i hardly have any time to drive the car anymore in the cold months so my driving time has (sadly) been limited to overly compelling warm and sunny spring, summer, and fall days. I was looking around and started...
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    dead car

    Was down in fells point baltimore tonight, out with a friend getting a burger. We try to leave around midnight, car is dead. Luckily someone has jumper cables, hooks up to his car for about 15 minutes, nothing. We find a bigger car, hook up for about 15 minutes, same deal. Find a party limo...
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    anyone in Va/Md that can help me fix my door?

    well hello Va/Md members, i was wondering if anyone knows how to install a new door actuator for a Gen II. couple of pertinent details, car is in NJ, going back tonight to pick it up and have it in baltimore for a few months, drivers door stopped opening about 2 weeks ago, tech in NJ ordered a...
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    Va/Md help out your NJ brother!!

    well hello Va/Md members, i was wondering if anyone knows how to install a new door actuator for a Gen II. couple of pertinent details, car is in NJ, going back tonight to pick it up and have it in baltimore for a few months, drivers door stopped opening about 2 weeks ago, tech in NJ ordered a...

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