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    Anyone have a passenger side Mopar Race Exhaust they want to sell?

    Anyone have a passenger side Mopar Race Exhaust they want to sell? I have the part that goes from the header to the side exhaust but don't have the side exhaust part. I tried to see if I could just buy that part from viper parts of America but they said they cant just get that part . I know it...
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    Keyless ignition

    Anyone try to do this on a Gen3 or gen 4 I am thinking of trying it Paul
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    A thing of Beauty!!

    Thanks Toddy for the knowledge,great customer service ,Clutch and Flywheel I cant wait to get it in!! Paul
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    ACT Clutch?

    Anyone use on of these? I am going to twins here soon and I have had a lot of success with these with my SRT-4 Neon that has 400hp but haven't seen anything on here with people using them on Vipers Thanks Paul
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    Vipair Hood Painted and Installed

    So while I was gone all last week in Israel I dropped my hood off to get painted and just got it back today. I think it looks great. Now I think I really want the coupe rear end conversion. I think I should just forward my pay checks to steve lol Steve has been a great supplier always answering...
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    rebuild shop?

    Other than arrow what else do we have locally ? I have a set of cp pistons and k1 rods I would like to get installed soon Thanks Paul
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    Anyone use an ACT Clutch

    I see they have a clutch for a viper up to 900 ft/s.lbs i have used there products before on my SRT-4 with great result. Just wondering if anyone has used one on a viper Thanks Paul
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    Who is all going? Are we signing up as a group?
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    Hood Struts???

    Anyone replace there stock hood struts when going to a aftermarket hood? I am looking to do this and was wondering if anyone has done this yet and also if anyone knew the force rating on the stock struts? Thanks Paul
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    What Wheels are these?

    Can anyone help me figure out what wheels these are ? Thanks, Paul
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    KW V2 for SRT-10 for 2500 New.. Should i go for it?

    I have an opportunity to get some KW v2 for 2500 out the door brand new. Is this a good deal? how does everyone like them? Thanks Paul
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    Good Paint Shop?

    Just ordered an 08 hood from Vipair and will need to get it painted Viper White, Anyone have recommendations on a good local shop to paint it ? Thanks Paul
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    Winter Mods?

    What is everyone plans for the winter? Any have any mods planned for their cars ? I am eyeing Vipair's Turbo kit pretty closely.....
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    New to VCA

    I finally bit the bullet and signed up. I picked my viper up in April from St louis. It is a 2004 Mamba Edition 93/200. Was completely stock with 4700 miles on it. So far i have a added a borla exhaust, K&N cold air and have had a Viper Performance SCT Tuner. I live over in Sterling Heights...

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