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    Version 3 of the SRT Viper sub box

    Version 3 of the Ntense Auto Werks SRT Viper sub box. I have enough space to fit a fosgate P3 8" in the box.
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    Throttle body porting

    I was wandering if anyone has ported out the gen 3 throttle body? Here is one i just bought off of ebay to use for porting.
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    Stock wheels BLACK or POLISHED?

    Stock wheels BLACK or POLISHED? I have been putting my car back together after the new paint job. Not sure witch way i like best yet.
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    Viper decals

    Moderator Edit: No Ebay links please.
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    Gen 3-4 Sub box

    I finally got around to making my new sub box for my 2003. I have had the 8" shallow mount sub sitting around for 3 years. The sub sounds good with just the stock amp.
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    Side skirt bolts

    Who hates the way the bolts fall out of the side skirts. I do fro sure so i found a new tool and real cool inserts called Rivenuts. Installed Rivenut Tool Rivenut
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    Wall Art

    I took a painting class and this is what i made
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    I'm going to repaint

    Thats right i'm going to repaint the viper again. I didn't like the way it looked after the first time.This is what it looks like right now I have been think about doing a different strip maybe the fangs stripe or acr. Fang stripe Acr
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    The paint job is done

    I have been repainting my 2003 Viper. It all done. I love the new color Viper blue looks so good. Before Now
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    Winter project

    I decided to do some work on the car since i cant drive in the snow. What you think?
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    I got real bored today and decided to clean the viper up. It was real dirty Chris helped with that going off track a couple times. So spent 2 hours cleaning the car i even took the wheels off and clean the inside of the rims and cleaned the control arms. My e brake caliper looked real bad so i...
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    08 Exhaust

    Now that my 08 hood is on time for exhaust. Anyone in az have one for sale. Not a very good pic
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    08 hood

    I need a 08 hood anyone know where to get one
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    I need a couple of rear tires for my 03. Anyone have some for sale?

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