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    Looking for a 2013+ Black on Black on Black wheels GTS...TA and West Coast preferred!

    So I am getting the itch and have completely fallen in love with the all Black. I had my 97 Blue and White and 2006 Blue and White for a combined 8 years but sadly let them go a couple years back. Now I am back. So if you know of someone or are on the fence, Lets make each other a great...
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    Anyone want a Sloan Kwik Load trailer in California?

    I am ordering one of these factory direct. They can load up to 6 and I am trying to get a couple of people that might be interested since it will cut down on the freight!. Wholesale pricing and No tax. Until California changes the interstate commerce laws. Haha. If your interested let me know...
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    Any Blue with White stripes looking to sell???

    Looks like I am back in the market about 2 years after being viperless (owned 2 blues over 7 years before...) Title says it all! 2006 Blue with White Coupe! Steve
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    Anyone with a stock exhaust lying around for gen 3?!

    last deal fell through and was hoping someone has one lying around. Will pay shipping but if you are close to Northern California... even better!! I can trade a pulley kit that I never installed on my 2006! Let me know! thanks
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    Anyone have a set of stock cats lying around?!

    trying to convert back to stock and when I bought her three years ago, unfortunately I never got the stock cats. Anyone got a set they want to get rid of cheap or for trade?! Thanks!
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    Used Motons?!

    Hey guys... how much is the average a set of used motons might go for?! 2k miles in great condition! thanks
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    Santana Row, Northern Cali, August 8th

    Anybody up to come to the meet tomorrow!?! My baby has been restless and needs to do a little show then stretch her legs!!!
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    Ready for a Paxton....Best price?!

    I am ready.... I am going nuts and if I don't do this I am going to dump the cash into my E63 and what fun would that be!! :D Pm me if you don't want to discuss the prices but i am looking for a polished system. What prices did you guys pay?! Or if someone is thinking of selling...

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