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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    OMG !!! Really sorry that happened to your car I am speechless!!
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    Custom tuning Gen IV

    Gents, Are the codes for Gen IV released yer in order to custom tune the PCM ? if so what tuner is capable of tuning it ? because as I understand Gen V codes are released for custom tuning and I am a little optimistic for Gen IV :D Best Regards Faisal
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    Gen V Carbon interior

    could u please provide me with his contacts details ? phone/email ? that carbon piece looks great !!!
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    Gen V Carbon interior

    How to get the hydrodip ? and how does it work ?
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    Gen V Carbon interior

    Gentlemen, My friend he has a Gen V and he is interested into upgrading his interior into carbon fiber, we checked the prices for the carbon pieces on the dealer and they are craaaazy $$ So does any body knows where or how to find a place to upgrade into real carbon ? not interested in...
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    ViperExchange Exclusive Performance Products for Gen V Vipers Supercharger Announced

    Re: ViperExchange Exclusive Performance Products for Gen V Vipers Supercharger Announ What a great product So gentlmen that simply means that the new Gen V can be tuned ? Codes are released ?
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    Stryker Purple!

    Hi All, Can any body confirm if the stryker purple will be available for 2015 Vipers ? because that color used to be in, but not any more !! I wondered why is it removed ?
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    any used set of 6 spokes wheels or ACR wheels ?

    Email sent, not intersted on invos, intersted in pilot sport cup
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    any used set of 6 spokes wheels or ACR wheels ?

    Hi guys, I am thinking to change my wheels, currently I am running 10 spokes factory on my Gen4 and considering the 6 spokes or ACR black sidewinder wheels depends on the deal will make a decision any one interested in selling a perfect set of wheels ?
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    Viper production continues...2015 model?

    anybody has any news regarding the Carbon Anodized TA ? prices ?
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    Any dealers with a blue/white 2013 GTS?

    Contact Bill or Mark @ woodhouse they do have one used LE for sale
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    Why would ever The Dodge/SRT make a car stronger than the Viper ? I know that numbers are not everything, but what could be the reason behind this move , ( from Viper perspective ) ?
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    Pictures of LE with carbon aero package

    Hello guys Any body has photos of Gen V lunch edition with sidewinder II and carbon aero package Thanks in advance
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    GTS Stripe Measurements?

    I would recommend u to buy a vinyl stripes from the which is ready to install and no trimming required
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    Track Pack or Aero?

    Go with aero, it would be cheeper to buy an aftermarket light weight wheels, tires and rotors than carbon aero package!
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    Stryker Red / other options

    It depends how great is the deal on stryker red, and what kind of options does it have/interior color and if I were u, I would go for a black TA or GT
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    New TA

    congrats black is mean by all means, specially with SRT hood and the aero package !
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    Code Reader

    Thanks to all of u I bought DELUXE" Engine OBDII - CANBUS from the viper store
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    No entry level viper

    This is how a real CEO look like !
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    Code Reader

    Hi all I would like to buy a code reader for my 2008 coupe I found 2 in and So what do u recommend ? or there are some other readers that u recommend ?! for a high quality code reader ? BTW, I am running Mopar PCM, I think it has nothing to do with it and it...
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    First impression of my new TA

    Congratulations on your TA I am a big fan of carbon fiber, I love how the hood and deck lid looks like, along with the other carbon package all around it. I like how the new slotted rotors look like TA by far is my best viper at the moment, I want the white one, but my local dealer only...
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    Looking For Some Advice and Opinions

    Completely agree, Viper is unlike any other Sport cars where u have traction control or some other safety features, In the Viper u r the traction control, and as Paul mentioned , it will carry your command but its fun, really its. I remember when we finished a class with lecturer, I took...
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    Looking For Some Advice and Opinions

    Go for it !! I own 2008 coupe, with boltson mods and have no problem at all, daily use all the way Viper is completely deferent than any other sport cars in the world I used to own 2010 corvette grand sport, I tried Zo6 and Shelby and I can tell u that Viper is different story U will love it
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    Video: Billet Silver VIPER GTS driven by Jonathan Bomarito

    to be honest, I am not a big fan of silver, but that color looks AMAZING on Viper !!
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    Recommendation for Gen4 drilled rotors

    thanks to all of u guys for your discussion and useful conversations, pdub I will go for for those SS braided lines, already contacted Toddy @ BBG for his ACR-X lines :2tu:

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