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  1. Serb Venom

    Extra wire

    wow, with your description I think its for your automatic seat ejection
  2. Serb Venom

    Switched Insurance

    My first point is this - why do you need proof for "the courts" ? You must be racing the **** out of the cars on city street so when when you crash the car, and when insurance says no to the payout due to reckless driving you will sue the insurance company on courts....... but I am all ears to...
  3. Serb Venom


    your best bet is to contact a VIPER specialist shop like I did who upgrades the stock struts to racing for customers and they sell them very reasonably . I bought mine from SPT in Los Angeles area ask for Dan Craig. Mike above is giving you one **** of a deal and I would buy them in a second.
  4. Serb Venom

    Ignition trouble, help!

    I just added someone's phone number to my phone address book, lol just in case ( I hope he doesn't mind :beer:) Now I have to go start mine after few weeks of sitting idle, ,lots of fog in So Cal in last 3 weeks so driving along the coast is not fun in the fog.
  5. Serb Venom

    Unique '16 ACR Extreme, with factory Red Matte paint & white stripes

    he is located in Canada somewhere in PQ that's Quebec Province
  6. Serb Venom

    Need replacement tires for stock Gen II RT/10

    WDF - guy doesn't know if the tires would fit or not, hmmmmm have you tried asking the tire store or going on line using a tire/wheel web site.
  7. Serb Venom

    Need some help with my clutch please

    I live and LA and I just replaced my clutch, cylinder the works at the VIPER specialist shop called SPT and let me say this - you don't have a problem, my clutch went from being hard as a rock to being soft. Don't **** your head over it, enjoy it
  8. Serb Venom

    Another Door won't open Thread

    I cringe when people use terms like "little square switch" or they guy who recommended to "take some measurements and narrow down the search to find it in a magazine " WDF is wrong with you guys, stop smoking whatever you smoke. This comment about taking measurement is coming from a VCA National...
  9. Serb Venom

    Looking for ACR in Vegas for article with Thunderbirds

    some kind of fing ***** here posting **** asking for story ****
  10. Serb Venom

    Looking for ACR in Vegas for article with Thunderbirds

    I have a base clearance/pass and a red 2004 Viper ( no joke), whats d date
  11. Serb Venom

    Uber Viper ACR

    why would I watch **** and false BS video,
  12. Serb Venom

    Last post here is over 3 years old?

    I joined this place for So Cal efforts then i found out that there is no So Cal group here so I asked for my money back. Also when I responded to an issue I was got a response back TELLING ME NOT TO RESPOND TO OLD ISSUES.
  13. Serb Venom

    The new Other Woman

    cool, see if you name her after your daughter and when you say the name in conversation she wont know if you are talking about the car or her lol and since you love both of them, you win all the time hahah
  14. Serb Venom

    1996 GTS on E-Bay with only 3,800 Miles, $59.9K, Good Deal?

    just ask yourself the following question "where are you going to get the parts for it" if you have an answer then I would say that its a overpriced
  15. Serb Venom

    This Viper makes us proud

    I did it too at 140 on a closed freeway due to mud slides in Santa Barbara, north bound 101 was closed at a certain point so no major traffic just very few cars and logic tells me no traffic no cops so made 3 round trips- first at 120, second at 130 and third at 140 was going to go for 150 but...
  16. Serb Venom

    Uber Viper ACR

    UBERs policy clearly states that all cars must be with 4 doors, sooooooo as the POTUS states "fake media" here
  17. Serb Venom

    The new Other Woman

    or like the song from Jay Giles band "Rapanza, or Raputa" go listen to the song lol
  18. Serb Venom

    The new Other Woman

    Forger Penelopy- sounds too old Greek name, name her after your daughter
  19. Serb Venom

    Where is the forum for So Cal VIPER club

    Thanks Diamond Head, I know about them but they are a different organization. I was asking specifically for this web site as I said that I signed up cause I saw a So Cal section of Vipers but then when I signed up nothing. I contacted the Viper Club folks and they told me that THEY DONT HAVE A...
  20. Serb Venom

    Original owner selling '05 **** stock, 14k miles, ready to let go

    Few comments about the post- FIRST (funny) I live in Southern California between Malibu and Santa Barbara and I have same Viper and I laughed when I read your post about being a women magnet hihhiihihi, maybe in MD but not here, no one cares about that stuff here, it doesn't matter to us if its...
  21. Serb Venom

    Where is the forum for So Cal VIPER club

    One reason I sighed up with the club is for So Cal chapter but i dont see any here ??????????
  22. Serb Venom

    Viper Service in SoCal

    Dan is the guy, I just took mine for some clutch work
  23. Serb Venom

    Shady dealerships

    Welcome to the shady dealer club, go to BBB web page and state your case against the dealer. In my case the local dealer told me they flushed the system and brakes few months later took the car to Los Angeles Viper specialist and after he put car on a rack the first think he told me was "when...

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