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    Door Flag Assembly - 2008 Viper

    Hi All, A few weeks ago, i heard a pop from my right door and the window became very "bumpy" when going up and down and was no longer smooth. After about a week, the window has no issue going back up but is "bumpy" going down. When going down, the window tends to make a rattling noise. I took...
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    Left Headlamp - 2008 SRT-10

    Hi, My car is in the shop for ~2 months now waiting for a left headlamp from Dodge. Would anyone know where to find one readily available? They pushed me back to mid August for the next update. Part# 04865485AI Thanks, Bilal
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    Hit and run

    So a drunk driver hit my parked car tonight. I park away from most cars and this ******* still somehow managed to hit me. Reviewing camera footage, we know what car it was but can’t get a good image of the license plate. Looks like just fender and bumper damage. Calling collisions shops...
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    The Viper Search

    I remember playing gran turismo on PlayStation and thought I basically won the game when I purchased a viper lol. Well, now it’s time to buy the real one. I’m 30 years old and will finish grad school in a month. I have a job that pays me well. I could aggressively pay off my student loans over...

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