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  1. Sennahnamrecken

    Looking for Viper Owners in West Palm Beach

    I am located in West Palm Beach and would like to know, if there are some Viper owners in my region ranging from Jupiter, FL down to Boca Raton. would like to meet if interested.
  2. Sennahnamrecken

    Straight Through Cats

    I am considering straight through cats for my 2008 SRT 10. As recommended, these are supposed to lower the exhaust temperature. I decided against a Borla exhaust and do not need more HP. My mechanic asks, how much is involved with these so called "bolt on" cats to install, and where can I buy...
  3. Sennahnamrecken

    Borla Exhaust or Other

    I have a 2008 SRT 10 and consider either a Borla exhaust or other. Reason is the heat development in the cabin, which sometimes gets a little hot in FL. Can anybody tell me, how much louder the Borla is? I don't particularly care for much noise and am quite happy with the sound of the exhaust as...
  4. Sennahnamrecken

    2008 SRT 10 Differential clutches defective

    I am in West Palm Beach FL, and the local service provides "Arrigo Dodge and Chrysler" determined that the noise coming from the rear end of my 2008 SRT 10 is due to used or defective clutches. They cannot get the parts to rebuild the differential nor replace the clutches. I am at the very...
  5. Sennahnamrecken

    Interesting Computation

    I have a 2008 SRT 10 and ran low on fuel. The light just came on. I took gas at the first Station 4 Gal. moved 10 Miles on to the better gas station and took another 14 Gal. This amounts to 18 Gal. in my 16 Gal. tank with 10 Miles driven. Even if I ended up at the 1. gas station on fumes it...
  6. Sennahnamrecken

    Hard Wax?

    Hi Viper Friends; I had a strange experience with my 2008 SRT 10. The car was shipped from the hot climate of FL to the very cold climate of Utica NY 32F and rain. When we unloaded the car it showed rather large, 5-10" white spots with streaks. In transit there was nothing that could have...
  7. Sennahnamrecken

    AC not cold enough for FL

    I am driving my 2008 SRT 10 with pleasure in FL. However at FL temperatures the AC has a hard time to keep me cool inside. It blows cold but not ice cold like my more recent cars do. Is there anything anyone can suggest that improves the AC performance of the Viper. Thank you for your comments.
  8. Sennahnamrecken

    Unite Remote and Key into one unit

    I have the remote and the key to my 2008 SRT 10 and would like to unite the two separate units into one key. Is there a manufacturer that can convert my remote and the key into one unit with key and the remote functions on top of the key. There are only three functions: close-open-trunk.
  9. Sennahnamrecken

    Noise from the rear end in SRT 10

    I have a noise coming from the rear end of my 2008 SRT 10 when I take slow, sharp turns. Any idea what could that be? Differential?
  10. Sennahnamrecken

    Cliq noise when applying clutch

    I have a 2008 SRT 10 with 16 K Miles. Before I bought the car it got a new clutch installed. Now, I have a cliq/claq noise, when I pressed the clutch pedal down, shifted and released it again. The noise appears shortly before I release the pedal when the clutch gets reengaged. There is no noise...

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