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    Gen V Hits & Kills Man & Dog (Old Bethpage, NY)
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    West Coast Customs Banshee (Viper-based)

    WCC just released photos of their finished Banshee (from Grand Theft Auto V) using a Viper as a base. Not a fan of it, but always like seeing what people make out of Vipers.
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    Viper Crash in Prince George (Unfit for the road citation)

    Source: Police are continuing to investigate a crash Saturday night that saw the driver of a 2010 Dodge Viper knock over a light standard in the 1300 block...
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    Chambersburg, PA Crash

    Guilford Township CRASH: A 27-year old Chambersburg man was cited by Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg, after he crashed his Dodge Viper along the 800 block of Limestone Drive on May 28. Justin A. Kling was going north on Limestone Drive. He had the car stopped, then accelerated to a high...
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    Four injured in two-car accident

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    Sunol, CA head-on crash

    I know we have members there, including a past raffle winner. Hopefully the other driver is OK. Source:
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    Wreck Totals Viper (Virginia)

    Source: A confusing series of events sent a Farmville man to the hospital and totaled a high-end sports car. At approximately 9 p.m., emergency personnel were dispatched to a crash on the far end of North Main...
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    Forza 4 Owners - FREE SRT Viper download

    Right now the SRT Viper GTS is available for free for owners of Forza 4 for the XBOX! For that matter, here's the full list of cars on special (free): 2013 Lexus GS350 F...
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    Temecula Crash
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    Brand New IL VCA Gen 5 Polo (Adult L)

    See classifieds! Paypal accepted - just click buy-it-now.
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    Hotel Reservations

    FYI to those making reservations. Not sure if this is the same issue at all locations, but when I attempted to make reservations at Courtyard by Marriott, they said the VCA only blocked off the nights of the 27th through the 30th. If you were planning on arriving on the 26th (which I was since...
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    Multiple Sports Cars Crash on Same Stretch of Autobahn (Including an ACR)

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    Valrico, FL Accident

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    GTS-R Wind Tunnel Testing
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    Technically not Viper-related nixed Fiat Super Bowl ad I sat in one of these at the Chicago Auto Show and have to admit I did like it.
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    Zero Dodge Vipers sold in February 2012

    Original article: I'm sure it's because the GenV anticipation is building! Maybe there will be some great deals in March!?!
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    Viper crashes into tree near Boca Raton

    From Article: NEAR BOCA RATON, Fla. -- A single-car crash seriously injured the driver of a car that slammed into a tree on the median of Palmetto Park Road early Sunday morning. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office reports that a 2005 Dodge Viper driven by Sanford J. Gubernik, 69, of 1401 S...
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    The very first viper!

    Courtesy of the IL VCA party tonight!
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    Flower Mound teen dies after flipping Dodge Viper this weekend
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    Rockville fatality in Viper

    Sympathies to the family...
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    Southampton Crash
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    IL VCA visits Iowa!

    Not officially announced yet, but if you're in Iowa, mark Oct 8 & 9 on your calendar! The IL VCA will be visiting the Quad Cities for two days! I will be coordinating a couple meeting places for Iowa owners to meet up with the group - PM me if you'd like to attend!
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    Viper towing another vehicle...
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    New Viper Design Released by SRT on their Facebook Page!

    I can see Ralph has a sense of humor....this was officially released this morning by the SRT team - a Viper-powered Motorhome! Link to their Facebook page

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