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    Gen 4 - AB Quality plug wires - Red with Grey heat socks

    AB quality wires set for a GEN 4 viper. Red with grey heat socks. As pictured. New - $220 USD, selling for 170 USD plus shipping.
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    Gen III and Gen IV parts for sale

    MGW Triple Chrome License plate from with fangs logo (GEN 3/4) - $45 Stormproof - Fitted Gen 3/4 convertible car cover (solid black) - $250 AB Wires (quality wires set red with grey heat socks) - Gen 4 - $100 Send me a PM if interested. All items in great condition, have pictures available...
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    Couple of GEN 4 Parts left for sale + stereo parts

    Hi Guys, Still have two items left for sale if anyone is interested send me a PM. Triple Chrome finish - screws not included - $40 Set of GEN 4 Quality Wires from AB (Plug wires). Red with grey heat socks - $110 Stereo Items Alpine PDX V9 Amp - $475 Focal 165KRX2 - $750 See...
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    Gen IV Viper gone - but Mods are for sale !

    Hi Everyone, It was sad to see my Viper go after a friend got into an accident this summer with the car, but good news is it was bought by another member on the forum and will be on the road again! I do have some modifications I took off the car ,that have roughly 5k Kms on them, I am...
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    Gen IV PCM removal

    Hi all, I had the instructions before with my MOPAR PCM kit on the install/removal procedure but has misplaced them. Anyone have instructions handy? From what I remember disconnect battery, and under hood passanger side firewall is where the PCM is located. Just wondering if there was more...
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    Looking for Gen 3 T-56

    Hi, My friend needs a new transmission, he took his car in to get it checked after losing 2nd gear, and there is more damage than he expected. A full rebuild/parts is adding up quick. Anyone have a used transmission for sale or know of any places selling ? thanks, Ryan
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    Aftermarket Head Unit replaced, now stereo sounds quieter than stock

    Anyone else run into any issues when installing an aftermarket head unit with the audio sounding quieter and losing bass. I used a wiring harness which allowed me to re-use the factory amp. Is there any adjustments that can be done to the factory amp for gain levels like aftermarket amps?
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    Plugs and Wires - which plugs??

    Reading through alot of old posts and found some great info on AB wires so I've ordered a set up, but still cannot come to a conclusion on plugs. For a Gen IV stock plugs are Champion 3032 (RE10PMC5) and I see alot of old posts for Gen III's and people saying to stick to the stock plug, but...
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    Dyno Results Stock 2008 SRT-10 Convert

    Finally got my baseline Dyno done before my full belanger kit and Mopar ECU goes on the car in a few weeks. Dyno test was done on a Superflow AutoDyn, which from what I read should be putting out SAE corrected numbers and corrects for atmospheric conditions as well. Results were: Hot...
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    Private Track Rental

    Any groups here have experience with a private track rental and running their convertibles either Gen 3 or Gen 4? Do all Tech rules and no faster than 13.49 still apply? Or is this track dependent? Thanks all.
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    Help for a friend who is interested in a Gen III

    Hi guys, A buddy of mine is looking to get a Gen III viper, and he wanted me to post this here for him, to see if it sounds like a good deal/price. Also if anyone knows of this car or knew if it belonged to a member on here before. Thanks. 2003 Dodge Viper SRT/10 OBO
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    Factory HID Color "K" value

    Hi, Wanting to get a 35w HID kit for the fog lights on the 08 Viper, but couldnt find in the searches at all what the factory HID low beams are. I would guess 6k ? If anyone knows that would be great. Thanks.
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    Mopar Performance Parts questions...

    Hi all, After looking through quite a few exhausts threads here and then checking out the mopar performance catalog, are the below part numbers for the headers offered from Mopar the same ACRX headers than BBG offers? P5155828 - Mopar race headers P5155829 - J pipe Also anyone have...

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