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  1. GA- Viper

    FS NEW OEM Floor Mats GEN 1 & 2

    New OEM Mopar in original box GEN 1 & GEN 2 floor mats. Never installed. Perfect new condition. $250 includes shipping in the Continental US only.
  2. GA- Viper

    GEN 1 2 Custom Fit Cover

    Cover Craft Dustop custom fit indoor only cover. Great fit with a soft inner layer. Like new No tears or holes only a little soiling on the inside where it contacts the tires. $150 including shipping within the continental US only.
  3. GA- Viper

    Gen 1 Headlight Switch Issue

    My 95 with 8,500 miles is rarely driven that I have need for the headlights and the headlight switch has not been used in close to a year. Last night I had no headlights, or tail lights but the brake lights worked. I moved the headlight switch in and out numerous times and finally got them to...
  4. GA- Viper

    Needed- Rear Bumper Bolt

    Needing a rear bumper cover bolt. One of the 12 along the bottom edge. It is a M6 SEMS bolt. It is long since not available from any dealer. And there is no after market equivalent as it is a coarse thread and not the typical M6 1.0 fine thread. One Viper parts vender has them for $23 for ONE...
  5. GA- Viper

    Viper Red Paint

    Hello all, I am trying to do some touch up of a few small chips on my 95.The original paint code was LRN. Which per the Mopar color charts is now PRN. I ordered factory Mopar PRN touch up paint but it is noticeably darker than the red on the car. The car is all original paint always garaged and...
  6. GA- Viper

    Shift Knobs

    In the first year with my 95 Gen 1 the one thing I have not liked is the OEM tall pistol grip shifter. I like the no longer made MGW Gripper. And apparently some old MGW stock sans the Viper logos is sold by a Viper vendor. I did come across the factory OEM ACR shift **** which is a little...
  7. GA- Viper

    MGW Gripper Shift ****

    Looking for an MGW Gripper Shift **** for a Gen1. Please PM Thanks
  8. GA- Viper

    Hood Gap

    My 95 suffers from what I have researched the fairly common problem on Gen 1/2 of hood to fascia fitment. The gap at the side of the fascia (just in front of the wheel well) ) to the hood on the passenger side is larger than driver's side. I have forum researched countless old threads discussing...

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