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    Towing The Viper - A 1000 Mile Journey On A Uhaul Trailer :D

    As a finale to my other thread I asked a while ago here about the Uhaul trailer: I decided to follow up for all those considering towing the car. I decided after speaking with a good friend on the...
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    Another Towing Viper Uhaul Thread / Question

    I opted to start a new thread vs. posting to a much older one and I have read every thread I could find about towing a Viper on a Uhaul. Situation is I moved about 1000 miles away and need to get my car down here, I prefer to tow my own car vs throwing the keys to a transport company, just the...
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    Gen 1 Viper Needed For Photo Shoot In LA for Petrolicious!

    Hey guys, a few months ago my car was featured on and my contact there reached out to me today. They are needing a Gen 1 Viper for a photo shoot on a story in LA, if any of you guys are near there and have a Gen 1 Viper and would like your car professionally photographed and...
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    My Autoform Top and Wing Package

    I posted this on the other forum a while back but updated it today with a few pictures and realized I hadn't posted it on the VCA. I wanted to b/c I want to give vendors like Autoform all the exposure we can as these guys truly support the cars we love! Here is a modified version of the post...
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    Jacking Your Viper Up On A 4-Post Lift

    Don't know if this will help anyone or not but thought I'd post the way I do it b/c we run into unique clearance issues when using bottle jacks on jack trays. I had to change my battery so my solution was to get a pair of scissor jacks and use the jack points on the car to get it up high enough...
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    We made the world's worst supercars of all time list LOL

    The description of why made me laugh, I believe it was lifted directly from Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. What they left out was that he loved it :D I for one am honored to be on the same list as some of these cars, I bet the guy writing it drives a Prius lol...
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    Heart Felt Thank You To Dr. Steve Fess

    I think we all know how much Dr. Steve Fess does for the people on this forum. I haven't seen a thread where someone isn't greeted with a helpful "give me a call" from Steve when their Viper decides to turn on them. Well today mine did, the battery went while I was out on a drive and the...
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    Anyone Plasti Dip Racing Stripes?

    I do a lot of paint work to motorcycles, and on my track bike I used plasti dip for certain things and it looks fantastic. This got me to thinking about using it for racing stripes on a car to see what it looks like and if you like it before committing to painting them. The thing I like is...
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    What is a Gen 1 soft top / windows worth?

    I'm thinking of selling mine because I'm going a different way and was wondering what is fair for something like this? Should you keep the top separate from the windows or as a package including the rear window? I checked ebay and it seems all over the place. Alternatively does it make my car...
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    Trading a 94 RT10 for 96 GTS need help with what is fair

    Hey all, So I've been thinking about possibly trading my beautiful 94 RT for a 96 GTS and just wondered what would be fair price difference wise? My car is perfect condition with around 15K miles and is an in class show winner. I'm looking at 2 different 96's at dealers one with 40K miles...
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    Finally After All These Years...

    I got my lift! I've wanted one for as long as I can remember and decided to pull the trigger after a custom Turbo build on a daily driver I did over the winter using my Dad's 2 poster. I also installed a high lift track and new Lift Master jack shaft opener to maximize my height in the garage...
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    Hey all, Haven't been on in a while as I've been really into motorcycles and racing at trackdays over the last year and kinda been not playing with Viper as much :( Well as the summer season is drawing closer to an end I wanted to get the car out a bit which I have been enjoying (damn I forgot...
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    Almost crashed tonight...

    Wife forgot her phone at work and wanted to go get it so I thought hey nice night to go for a cruise. We took a scenic road by the river to downtown. I wasn't speeding or anything but a F#$%@%&^@&'ing deer jumped out about 15 feet in front of me, straight out of the woods, nothing I could do...
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    My first "Best In Class" trophy! (Horses and Horsepower show)

    Well my old gen 1 did good today, at a show with hundreds of unbelievable cars. When they called the top 50 I was p.o.'d because like 20 of them went to regular vettes :omg: So as I was getting ready to leave in a huff lol, mine got called for best in class!!!!! Pretty exciting stuff for me...
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    New Viper makes front page on

    Thought that was pretty cool :2tu:
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    Does anyone know of a video with this beast in action?

    Don't even know how I came across this but I'd love to see at 2000 HP :omg:
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    Waited a month for the paint to cure on my side sills....:(

    So tonight I'm pumped about putting the clear protective film on them and getting them back on the car with the new polished aluminum Zero Altitude Flight tips. Passenger side went great, looks amazing with the new tips (been a month since I've seen it back together). So I go to get the...
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    Does anyone have any pics of a Gen 1 with stainless tips?

    I'm sure someone has done this right :dunno: I'm getting ready to put everything back together from having the side sills painted and I always thought the black pipes looked dull and if they were a nice rolled stainless or something at the exit I thought it would like very nice. I searched...
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    Low 60's here in Louisville, had to go for a ride ******* :)

    I forget how much fun this car is with the music blaring, the exhaust rumbling and the open sky above, I'm in love, all over again :D A really nice change from cold, nasty days. I needed this as a rest stop during the winter, only a few weeks till March! Anyone else get out today when usually...
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    Driving with rockers removed, is it ok?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but thought I'd ask before doing it. I want to move the Viper and don't want to just start it, move it and then turn it off. The rockers are inside curing before putting the protective film back on, can I drive it without damaging anything if they are off the...
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    Can someone identify my exhaust?

    Figure I'd snap a pic since the rockers are off, I know it has been messed with b/c there are no cats. I don't know if it is anything special (doesn't look like it to me) or just some "whatever" muffler, anyway here is the picture, thanks for any help:
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    Got my rocker back, wow!

    It is so perfect ;) The paint match was dead on, these guys were amazing. Total price out the door, 362.00 and that included a **** load of welding aluminum, etc to repair the damage right I took some shots of it, it is on the right side in this picture: The only issue is the black is...
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    Painting the black trim piece in the rocker???

    Hey guys, My drivers side rocker comes back tomorrow from paint and it is going to be brand spanking new. The pass. side is in beautiful condition so I didn't have it painted, but there are a few "chips" on the black trim part. The body shop said that it is a standard "flat black trim...
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    Body shop called need some help fast, can't locate rivets for rocker insulation help!

    Please Delete Problem solved, Thanks moderators
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    Fixing the rockers on a gen 1 the right way, please help!

    Hey guys, So now that winter is here I decided to get the drivers side rocker fixed (passenger side is great). It has several bubbling places so I took it off and went body shopping today. I went to several that I wanted to fix it and they either would not do it because it was aluminum and...

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