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    '05 Engine Starting problem

    My '05 has recently been having a problem with the start button. Push the start button and totally dead. I found that if I push in the clutch and move the shifter in or out of gear then push the start button it always starts, even though it may take a couple of tries. Don't know if it's the...
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    On the road flat tire!

    Just replaced the original Michelin Run Flats on my '05 with a set of 4 Continental ExtremeContact Sport. I drive my Gen3 every chance I get, most of the time no further than an hour from home. I just realized(duh) that now without run flats, if I have a flat, I'd have to hope to find a garage...
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    What oil to use

    Just bought a 2005 Viper and want to change the oil.....I was told a Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0-40 is recommended....any particular brand?

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