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    How bad is the ACR on the road?

    Hi all. I'm looking to trade in my Porsche for a Gen V ACR. Let me quality my preferences by saying I LIKE ******** cars. I own a Lotus Elise and the Porsche is boring me a bit, despite being their more "pure" edition. I like a car that's raw, pure, and engaging. I don't mind getting beaten up...
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    New owner, '00, LOW miles, what to be concerned about?

    Hey all! New to the club and entirely new to Vipers! This one is a beauty -- only 2400 miles and looks showroom new. I'm wondering what parts I should replace for maintenance, any other concerns I should have, and where to buy these parts. From my post on another forum and talking...
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    Need replacement tires for stock Gen II RT/10

    Hello all. I finally have my lovely, **** stock RT/10! I am beefing up the brakes and tires, but I cannot find replacement tires in the stock sizes except Toyo Proxes R888s which I am led to believe are now street ILLEGAL? Stock sizes are 275/35/18 / 335/30/18 I did find Michelin...

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