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    So if I'm switching wheels and tires do I have to put the sensors back in the new wheels?
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    Big shout out to VPA

    I have done business with VPA before and had no issue. Second time around there was an issue. Not their fault, Mopar's to blame for this. I ordered a pair of "viper" door guards, and as soon as they came in I painted them matte black. Well, a few days later I went to install them and then...
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    H spokes and Pilot Sports FS

    Just got confirmation on my sidewinders and got my new tires in today. I'm selling my H spokes which two of them have minor rash on them. The Pilot sports have 4k miles on them. $2300 + shipping.
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    Anyone have a radar jammer on their car? I was wondering how effective they are. I can only assume they are illegal. Have any of you been busted with one?
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    Gen IV hood

    Looking for a Gen IV hood. Anyone have one?
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    How is the ride on a lowered gen 3? I don't want to lower the front, just the back a little. Is there a kit for that? I'll be running stock wheel/tire setup. Have you noticed a difference with traction? Thanks in advance RH
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    Would you rather have a gen 5 or this ???? Looks ****! Think I may hold off and wait on this......
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    BBC boys

    Have the Top Gear boys tested out the new viper yet?
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    I had a tuner with a mild tune for my srt8 Cherokee. Looking for the same thing with my gen 3 with the fans coming on at 170 too.
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    this weekend register Wednesday by midnight It's in frisco, and it's 20 bones. Just registered, and there wasn't a category for us. I created one VCA (Viper Club of America). The guy hosting it said it will take a while to populate...
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    Cooler thermostat

    Anyone running a cooler thermostat? My car usually runs right at 200F. In the past I have run cooler thermostats in other cars. Didn't know if this was an option or not.
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    Last week I saw a copper vert close to gainesville. Was driving my truck Sunday I saw a silver and gray GTS in Denton. Was driving my 06
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    small oil leak

    Have noticed two small marks on my garage floor on the passenger side. I will be changing the oil next weekend. This will be my first time changing it. Are these cars notorious for having faulty valve cover gaskets or oil cooler lines that leak? Just trying to be prepared. Thanks in advance
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    Was parked in Uptown Dallas (nice part of town) in a garage. I get back to my car last night and this was on my windshield.......
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    Updated interior (almost finished)

    I removed the center console and armrest and had them covered in black suede with red stitching, and I hate how the ring around the shifter gets really hot, so I took some leftover CF wrap from the Porsche and wrapped it. The whole thing cost me $190. Just need to have the plastic pieces dipped now.
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    speed shop/ viper tech

    Looking for a local place that is experienced in working on Vipers. Thinking about doing cam swap. Any suggestions?
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    what's up with the price of wheels?

    I don't understand the huge price we pay for Viper wheels. I was able to get a great set of wheels for my Porsche, and had a huge selection for a fraction of the cost of most aftermarket brands.
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    C&C next weekend?

    Anyone going?
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    WTB: Stock shifter for 06

    Looking to buy a stock shifter if someone wants to part with theirs. Thanks in advance RH
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    SRT experience

    When I had my SRT Cherokee many of the guys bought theirs new and went to the SRT experience to drive the cherokee, viper and other SRT models. Some of the guys sold their experience to other SRT owners. Do/did these cars come with the experience? Thanks in advance RH
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    Another (sigh) new owner

    Um.... So I just traded my Porsche Cayman S for an 06 red convert Viper with 13K miles. It's all stock I got it for 50K. Had it for a few days now, and only used it for running around town. I must say it's quite a bit different than my mid-engine car. I have yet to really get into the...

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