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    Looking for ViperMania Windows

    Were the Vipermania windows really plexiglass? Not something a little sturdier like acrylite or polycarbonate?
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    1992-2002 Dodge ViperSide Sill Vents...are they worth the $$? who wants to undertake the project of insulating the side sill with Aerogel? Anyone?
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    RT/10 Top Bolts

    First I clamped them to a steel I-beam (small one) and let them sit for a couple weeks. That had NO affect. I then took the entire assembly and put it in the oven at about 150 degrees for 20 minutes. (Baste regularly) That completely fixed them. The heat is the key. And just kidding about...
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    RT/10 Top Bolts

    Ok, here's the story. I took my soft top apart because it was sagging and I was going to straighten out the side bars. Well I straightened them out but while I had it apart my father used my garage to work on his car. After I was ready to put the top back together I couldn't find the bolts. So I...
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    got my low profile

    That's the Omega I take it? Where did you find it for that price?
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    Viper + Rice = Please Refrain

    The wing looks a little oversized from the side but otherwise I don't see anything ricey about this car. Custom, yeah. Tacky? Maybe. Ricey? Not really. I probably wouldn't go in this direction but it's certainly not hideous. Probably looks better in person anyway.
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    Just got back from the Porsche dealer. . .

    You can search for local dealers equipped with the 9700GSP at This is the machine I've always used to mount my Viper tires. I think I had to push on the plastic cover slightly to keep it from rubbing the stock GEN I tires with stock rims but...
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    Black Viper Gts

    The Viper is pretty unique in that it's one of the very few cars with which you'd actually have a chance of finding that other owner on the forums. Think about it. Would you try to do this with a Toyota Camry? Or a Ford Taurus? MAYBE with a Taurus SHO but even then, good luck. I've noticed...
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    94 Green RT/10 on eBay

    Darn. I thought it was a washer for the rear window. When the window's out it could act as the "Dodge Viper Executive Quick Shampoo System" for those days when you're REALLY in a hurry to get to the office in the morning and don't have time for a shower at home!
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    94 Green RT/10 on eBay

    Pardon my ignornace, but what is that thing mounted on the rear deck lid? Did someone make a "sprayer" for the rear window? Seems like a neat idea but I'd never seen that done before. I agree that the car is in decent shape for the price. I mean c'mon...this thing is cheaper than most new...
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    Good place to mount tires in Fredericksburg VA area.

    Batboy, A good way to find a shop is to look for one that has a Hunter GSP9700. This is the tire balancing machine that some shops use. The actual mounting machine isn't the problem, it's the balancing. It's a close fit but this machine WILL handle the Viper's rear tires. (I know because...
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    1994 Hard Top

    Hmm...maybe we could trade the sliders for a set of the v-manias? Mine are pretty scratched up though from the PO putting them in the trunk without the leather bag protecting them.
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    1994 Hard Top

    Jdeft, If you haven't seen the Vipermania windows, they were the best ever made, IMNSHO. Biff Brown, who lives(d) right here in the Springfield area, used to make them. He stopped for some reason and I haven't seen him around the Vipernation for a few years. The Northwinds are nice too...
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    1994 Hard Top

    Wow...thanks so much for taking those pictures JPL! Those are definitely the same windows I have but the top is very different. Mine doesn't have that lip that the weather seals fit into. I'm pretty sure mine is a very early version, maybe even a prototype. I might just use the rails from...
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    Indoor Go Karting Fredericksburg April 10th @ 1 pm

    Oh yeah...I'd planned on bringing my son but he's only 15. I'm guessing there'd be nothing for him to do?
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    1994 Hard Top

    JPL, Isn't that NorthWIND engineering? I have the same windows and, I think, the same top. Mine leaks like crazy. I think I may have a prototype set of windows or something though as they have about an inch of foam insulation applied to the top of the windows so they'll fit. They still...
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    Anybody driving Sunday??

    My son and I had a great time. Thanks guys! Great job Jdeft. That was an awesome route. Let's continue to use this forum to set these things up when the opportunity arises.
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    Anybody driving Sunday??

    Ok...looks like a plan! See you all there!
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    Anybody driving Sunday??

    Will be there. But why Front Royal? Weren't we originally going to end up in Winchester?
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    ***ebay Headers ***warning Public Service***

    Also, most alloys of stainless can't corrode but others corrode when exposed to temperatures above 450 degrees F (IIRC). Definitely not a good choice for a car's exhaust! 300-series stainless steel (like that used on the DeLorean body panels and kitchen appliances) is very corrosion resistant...
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    Removing the transmission...

    Yeah...if you leave the bell housing on the transmission, it's almost impossible to remove the while thing from the car. (At least on GEN1s) You should be leaving the bell housing in place and removing the transmission. While you're in there, do yourself a favor and replace the slave cylinder...
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    Viper front end alignment.

    If I remember correctly, the official Dodge method requires that they set the bump-steer too. I haven't looked at the procedure but I think setting this makes it harder by a few orders of magnitude. Plus there's a special guage and height tool that are supposed to be used when aligning the...
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    rear Caliper tool

    Maybe I'm missing something but why would a scratch on the piston face make a difference?
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    Front wheel bearings ...

    Wouldn't that throw off the torque reading?
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    Gen1: My new Vipermania windows Pics included

    Those DO look really good. Would you mind forwarding Biff's contact info to me? He lives/lived in my neighborhood but I haven't seen him in years. Wonder if he still has his Studebaker...

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