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    Connecting a trickle charger under the hood

    I know I ask a lot of stupid or generic question, here’s another. So I got my odyssey battery in my car know I want to keep it charged. So under the we’re is the best place to connect the ground cable? thank you.
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    Question on rear boot

    I was changing the battery on my 94 rt and I noticed a bar not sure what it is kinda small and the boot or cover was falling apart. What is it? And is it easy replace? Thank you in advance I appreciate the help.
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    What is the best battery I can get for my 94 viper that sits in my garage for months without starting, also than when I take it out I don’t drive it far or long. Thank you
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    Advice on new slave cylinder and clutch

    Time has come to replace my slave cylinder and clutch there is so many of both to choose from at all different prices. I will like to know what u guys who have done this which parts you installed 94 rt/10 Thank you
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    Looking for some help

    I’m looking to find someone in the Port Saint Lucie area to help me change my slave cylinder on my clutch on my 94 rt/10. At least that’s what I was told was wrong I have no clutch pedal.Its been too long without my car. Thanks
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    Anyone in Port Saint Lucie work on gen 1

    I am looking to see if anyone who works on gen 1 in Port Saint Lucie Florida?
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    Clutch pedal

    on my 94 I got in my car and the clutch pedal just goes to the floor no pressure on pedal? Thanks in advance
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    Front emblem

    The front emblem on my 94 viper is starting to lose its awesome condition look not so good I've been trying to find one anybody know were I can buy one in red thanks Tim bob
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    Changed my battery now my 94 won't start

    So I changed the battery in my 94 now my car won't start? It turned over but wouldn't start I smelled gas so I didn't want to try again do I need to do something? Thanks in advance tim bob
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    94 battery replacement

    Replacing my battery in my 94 I don't even know were it is?? Also I went with a optima battery I hope this was a good choice thanks in advance tim bob
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    94 starts but only runs for a few seconds

    i was just going to take a blast in my 94 and went to start it and it started and ran for acouple of seconds than dies out i did this like 5 times same thing any suggestions or what can i do i always freak out when ever i have too open my hood after reading how they crack thanks
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    loose mirrior

    i feel like an idoit im trying to take off the mirrior on the drivers side door. is there a trick or something i cannt seem to get a socket in there without touching the paint on the mirrior .anybody know what size nut that is thanks
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    chrome center caps

    looking for a set of chromed center caps for my 94
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    mirror loose

    my drivers side mirror is getting loose do i need to take door panels apart to tighten 94 rt
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    ac not really blowing cold

    i added some freon to my 94 today because its not cold. and it still doesnt seem to be there some way of checking system as to why??? it was converted to 134.i know nothing about ac. thanks
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    one pic of my car jacked up

    i know its not a real good pic but taught i would share it???????????
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    grease fittings

    on a 94 rt how many grease fittings are thier on each side?? and how often do you grease them????
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    power steering pulley

    is it a good thing or a concern if my power steering pulley is metal???
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    finally changed my oil

    well i finally changed the oil and filter in my 94 rt. after buying the low profile jack, and four jack stands and made some 2x12 little ramps,plus oil and filter of course i finally did it and it was not bad at all.i cannt believe how easy it was.
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    jacking up my 94

    do i need to buy a low profile jack to raise up my car? to change the oil, grease it,clean it up??? thanks :dunno:
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    getting ready to do my first oil change on my 94

    is there anything special i need to do or any helpful hints to help this go real smooth?? is mobile the best product to use??
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    94 stock exhaust

    i changed my exhaust on my 94 does anyone want my stockcats and exhaust pm me????
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    stupid question

    how do i find out what production # my 94 is??? also how many 94s were made?? thanks
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    whats next

    my 94 rt/10 has orginal rims chromed upgraded plugs wires ken air filters with smooth tubes roe cats and exhaust.whats the best next upgrade??? without getting to crazy$$$
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    old exhaust

    know that i replaced my exhaust system what do i do with the stock system?? garbage,save it no room,or sell it??? 94 35k worth anything.thanks i love my new roe cats and exhaust very happy.

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