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    Gen 1 or 2 trunk lid for sale

    I'm interested. Send me an email. [email protected]
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    VPA Announcement

    1/4-20 hex torx with captive washers? Anyone? I'll fly to wherever the nuts and bolts are and sort through them myself. Won't cost you a dime and in fact will save you the cost of disposal.
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    VPA Announcement

    If there are any of those intake manifold torx screws with the captive washer I'll take all of them.
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    Lumbar support fix with no Viper tax !!!!

    Got a link? I'm pretty sure the $58 pump is remanufactured. Which is probably fine but should be mentioned.
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    Early X-Mas gift...

    One of the few times a tattoo ever meant anything.
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    Another Viper crash in Boca Raton

    Good thing it has all those government mandated nannies.
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    Jacking Your Viper Up On A 4-Post Lift

    I have a hydraulic bridge. Not required but a nice convenience.
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    What would it take to replace your Gen II.

    Big cubes with no government mandated nannies. In other words, another 98 GenII
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    Good job. That's where you should be with your setup.
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    I don't slide my foot off it but I engage it quickly. I guess you could say instead of feathering the clutch I feather the gas. It has been a few years but if I recall correctly 3K was where I would start and then go higher or lower depending on conditions. Keep in mind I run stock. Not sure...
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    Air Conditioning Compressor Question

    I picked up a $400 vacuum for $125 and gauges for $100. I do it myself and I do it right. I vacuum the system for 1 hour before putting just the right amount of refrig in it. Don't count on the shop being as precise.
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    Everybody is being nice. Yes, your 60 ft times are horrid for drag radials. If you have a 1/8 nearby jump on it and don't leave until you figure it out. I've made as many as 50 1/4 mile passes during a single Vipers only track day. You might have too much gear also. Just being honest. BTW I...
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    I took my car to the track. Help me analyze my passes.

    For compare my **** stock 98 RT/10 best run is 12.05 with 60' times about the same as yours.
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    not feeling real good about my 01 RT/10

    I've got 155,000 on my 98 RT/10 and the value increases with every mile.
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    I'm not a fan of the bleeder valve on the Roe. But I'm betting Roe could get the Mishimoto hoses for you if you asked.
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    Gen 2 stuff for sale and 18 inch BFG drag radials

    How many miles on the half shafts? Did they run with the BFG drag radials?
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    Gen 2 stuff for sale and gen 1 ,2 fog light covers

    When you say "stock gears" are you talking the whole pumpkin?
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    Ladies about your reptile..

    Positive. The only negative is when one or two have tried to down play any preconceived golddigger assumptions. Naturally everyone appreciates when someone else likes their stuff be it a car, house or whatever. But that's cake. I didn't buy my Vipers to satisfy anyone but me.
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    hose replacement

    I'd do the brake lines. Plenty of vendors with the brake lines - Roe, etc. Personally, I'd pass on steel braided coolant hoses. The only gain is visual, all else is negative IMO. Weight, heat, wear against any other lines or wires possibly resting against them.
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    New Wheels

    Purner rocks.
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    Ralph wants/needs an automatic

    Many folks SAY they would/would've bought xyz. The actual percentage that would have followed through is shockingly small.
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    Told ya...

    CCB rotors are two piece. All that need be done is to build a hat and if offsets are the same for another make all they'll need to do is drill the pattern. For that matter they could sell blanks and let anyone with a rotorary table drill their own pattern. You are correct, the market is small...
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    Told ya...

    It isn't? They have targeted a buyer that has dozens of cars from which to choose, Vettes, Porsche, BMW, Skylines, Mustangs, etc. By doing so they have left the Viper purists with no new cars to choose. I think they have placed themselves into a very, very difficult market. Time will tell.
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    Told ya...

    Not meaning to be condescending Bruce but there isn't a car built that doesn't have a buyer stereotype associated with it and every one of those stereotypes is less than flattering. So if that is any factor in sales it is a factor across the entire industry.
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    Solo Cross Country Trip in Viper Contingency Plans

    I've got 150,000 miles on my 98. You don't hear me *******' about it either.

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