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    Where does the Il chapter stand on the recent VCA implosion?

    Just curious. I am a new member and maybe an ex member if this is deleted and my potential banning. I was just hoping that the current events were being watched and possible outcomes have been discussed?
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    Does anyone have a recomendation for a mini polisher/buffer?

    I'd like something in the 3-4" range. I would prefer air powered, but electric can do. I would like to find a quality product but also want to get the best **** for the buck.
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    I feel stupid, but how do you get the oil filter out of a 96 GTS?

    I have the filter off and have tried every spot I can see and can't get the filter out of the car. Is there something that needs to be removed or just a spot I haven't seen yet?
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    Can you get a big brake kit that uses the stock front Gen 2 caliper and SRT rearotor

    As the title says. Is there a rear mount that can use the stock front caliper with an SRT rotor on the rear of a GTS? I have been looking to convert the front to SRT calipers but thought they would be too much for the rear. I want to use SRT rotors on all 4 corners.
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    Anyone have a set of factory 6 spokes they are looking to get rid of?

    I figure with the Gen 5 wheels out some may be looking to upgrade. The new wheels just don't do it for me. I have found several new sets of 6 spokes out there, but figured I would try for a nice used set as new ones will become used as soon as they are mounted.
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    Oil leak, 96 GTS, porous block, pan, gasket, how do I know which one?

    I have had an oil leak since I purchased the car. In the last few days I have done a lot of research on oiling modifications to do when I have the pan pulled. As I have been reading I have found that the year I own had a problem with porous blocks. Is this something you can see while looking...
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    Is anyone running the ACR oil filter adapter on a Gen 2.

    I have a leaky oil pan gasket, so since I have to pull the pan anyway I was looking for a few oiling updates that can be done to the earlier GTSs. I am aware of the 10 qt pan which I am currently trying to source and the trap door kit that can be had easily. Apparently the early GTS had a...
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    Stupid question about checking oil.

    This may fall under stupidest question of the day, but do you push the dip stick all the way when checking oil. Before I take a beating front the more knowledgable on here, mine has a bad oil pan gasket and has been leaking for a month. I have not added any oil to it and it still shows it at...
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    Slight clunking sound when letting accelerating in first.

    This is on a 96 GTS if it matters. It's not terrible and doesn't sound like its in the drivetrain. It sounds like something is twisting, almost like the motor is twisting in the chassis. If this is a simple as changing to a new or higher quality motor mount, it would be great, but wouldn't...
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    Shopping for a GTS indoor cover.

    Does anyone have experience with the CoverKing Satin Stretch cover? It looks nice in the pictures, but have never seen or used one personally. I am open to any suggestions.
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    I'm looking for some information on a B&W 96 in Indy.

    AT-13850110 is the Autotrader number, the car checks out fine on Carfax(thanks to the help of a member on this board). I was just curious if anybody knew the car personally or any other information on it. It falls into my price range, right color, looks to be we'll taken car of and it's only a...
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    I'm looking for some information on a 96 B&w in Indy.

    The car is on Autotrader, I don't know if I'm aloud to post the link or not. AT-13850110 is the Autotrader number, the car checks out fine on Carfax(thanks to the help of a member on this board). I was just curious if anybody knew the car personally or any other information on it. It falls...
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    Has anyone dealt with Car Source USA in Burbank, Il?

    The have a GTS I am interested in and the are relatively local to me, which is important since I would like to take a look at the car before purchase. The only thing I can go off is the Feedback on EBay is flawless, but I would prefer some first hand experiences if anyone here has dealt with them.
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    Will the similarity between the Gen 4 and 5 motors lead to the code being cracked?

    I was just curious if the motors had enough in common to justify the aftermarket putting the R&D into cracking the code for these motors? In my opinion there wasn't enough demand to really justify it for the 4, but if a whole new generation of cars could benefit from it, they might pull the...

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