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    Troubleshoot tips. Battery loosing voltage.

    I would say swap to a new battery before pulling the alternator. Unless it was stored in a humid area the only things that may go bad for an alternator just sitting there is the bearings or cables, but you already checked the cables. And check the serpentine belt and/or tensioner as the...
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    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    Your suspension is no more complicated than any other modern sports car that gets alignments at $150.
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    viper frightening revs drop

    I don't know what all entails "all new sensors", but have you tried cleaning or replaced the IACV with a new unit? Last time you changed spark plugs and checked resistance on each spark plug wire to ensure they're within spec?
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    rattling noise in neutral

    Could be the throw out bearing and or clutch diaphragm. Do stock throw out hearings generally make a noise? I know for other cars aftermarket ones tend to be noisier. Older clutch diaphragms could be cracking, potentially pieces falling off around the springs which could make sounds on any...
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    Searching For A GTS

    $45k is plenty for a well kept low mileage gts, dont listen to those saying expect higher mileage or lots of maintenance.
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    Engine Ticking

    Sounds like normal injectors. As long as the sound doesnt get considerably louder as you rev it should be fine You can always test the sound with a stethoscope on each injector. Remove the connector sound should get lower, connect and it'll obviously get louder And oil pressure being normal...
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    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Wheels straight and new tires are a must
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    Needing a full and proper 01 Viper 4 wheel alignment in Northern Indiana

    just take it to a shop that can provide printouts of the alignment settings before and after alignment.
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    Front suspension

    if the car is resting on uneven ground you'll get one corner that's lower than the other, or higher than the other. And, as already stated, anytime the car is lifted a simple roll or pull out the driveway and back should correct it. Nothing to worry about unless you physically altered the toe or...
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    Low Coolant In Overflow??

    If he changed all the fluids he's probably telling you to check the coolant reservoir because there's a chance he never 100% bled/topped off the system. Once you top it off go for a couple of drives and check again after the engine is completely cold. The reservoir should eventually maintain...
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    98 GTS engine and door problem

    Care to update on what the problem was and the solution?
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    Intro and Parking Brake Assembly

    May I ask how much you paid? Private or dealer? If you cant find an exact replacement cable I'm sure you can have a shop fabricate one.
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    01 GTS AC

    look for oily buildup around any hoses (especially around crimps), make sure you have caps over the low/high ports. Buy a black light and check for leaks around every visible hose, line, component related to the a/c system, something might've even punctured the condenser.
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    Crankshaft Pulley too far in (misaligned)

    squeaking can be caused by a glazed belt (the back side), loose tension (old tensioner), or a welt belt (any spray that goes on the belt will also contribute to squeaking) shredded belt is usually from misalignment and/or a loose tensioner which allows the belt to run up a pulley and wear the...
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    P0432 @ 22,354 miles

    Check rear O2 sensor and wiring making sure nothing is frayed Also would be a good time to check your spark plugs on the same side of the questionable rear O2 sensor. I doubt your cat is bad with low miles unless its somehow falling apart internally. Does it mention at all if bank 2 sensor 2...
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    Thinking of Selling my 02 GTS, Looking for Advice

    If I had to buy I wouldn't pay more than low 30s. Needing tires, damage to wheels, has moderate miles. The biggest thing for me is has it been kept in a garage when it's not being driven.
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    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    Correct, swinging it and/or gently tapping it against your hand or against a towel will force some more of that stubborn water out. The fan just finishes up whatever was left.
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    Battery Dies - Old LoJack System?

    Dont even own a viper but this is something I'll definitely remember when I do. Thanks
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    $45,000 Offer on 1993 Viper Do I wait for him so he can buy it?

    Look for other sellers. You also haven't told us how long ago he wanted to buy the car. If it was just last week keep in contact with him. Edit: I saw he wants to pay for it in May, the kid can probably barely afford the car even if he saves right until then. Look for other sellers and when the...
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    WTB: 2001 or 2002 GTS Saves you from having too many tabs open lol You'll see a ridiculous amount of markups though, better off negotiating a private. If I see some dealer selling for $50k I can only imagine how little the seller got from them, so if you find someone trying to sell you can do one...
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    Help with blown A.C. hose - 2001 RT-10

    Did some research yesterday on this, couldn't find a thing to help you. I did come across this today, basically fabricating your own line.
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    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    I'm done responding to you after this. Instead of questioning what I'm saying try to actually visualize what I wrote in my step for step. Stop, right there stop. Again, try to understand what I wrote before questioning every little detail. Stop! I already see you trying again. -My drying method...
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    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    drying is not a "visual inspection". The box method inside your house rapidly speeds up the drying, why would anyone rely on drying in humid temps and have to deal with dew and condensation?. If you want to talk humidity come to eastern NC where humidity puts to shame whatever you have in Texas...
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    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    If you're spending that much on an older car you should be inspecting it regardless of mods. Running a compression test will paint a nice picture of the health of the motor. An oil change and analysis tells you the state of the bearings, rods, and crank. To me heads and cam aren't really...
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    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    proper drying takes no more than 30 minutes, this is including cleaning and oiling. Read my post before this for how I speed up the drying process.

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