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    Seriously.... $%*# a Corvette...

    This thing excites me like the original did when I was 10 or 11. It's so **** and menacing... :drive: For the record... this is my car... I seriously hope GM comes out with something worthy for the C7, but SRT has seriously raised the bar.
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    Any guesses on what the Gev-V GTS hood would cost to replace ;)

    Not sure what Gen-II hoods sell for these days, but at one point they were in the $15,000 range. With the return of the clamshell for the new car, and the fact that it's now in carbon fiber, I'm guessing it'll be close to a $20k body panel.
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    Anyone catch this? What's the significance of May 2045?

    Look at the calendar... saw this posted on another Viper board... Wikipedia says the GTS-R was unveiled at the Pebble Beach concourse in 1995 so 2045 would be the 50th. That what it is? Any other odd things in any of the pics?
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    Pics of the base model? Where?

    The articles say the "regular" SRT Viler (non-GTS) will have the "old style" hood with 6-vents and 5-spoke wheels. Haven't found a picture of it yet. Are there any floating around? Thanks, Brian
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    Getting serious about a SRT-10 purchase, but I'm 6'4" 250 any input?

    I've had a Z06 Corvette for over 5 years, it's heavily modded. I just completed a self-done targa top conversion and repaint, but at the end of the day I'm a bit borred with the car and have done everything there is to do with the platform. I'm contemplating putting it up for sale and getting...

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