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    Just bought Tom's rear brake upgrade...any advice before installing?

    So if a guy who's a machinist were to make his own 40mm pistons, those are the seals and dust boots required?
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    Door stanchion bowed out

    If the nutsert is broken off the stanchion, it can be repaired as shown in post #5 here:
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    Question on stock shift ****.

    There should be a jamb nut on the shaft so that the **** can be properly oriented.
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    is this Whindshield Oem or aftermarket?

    Intracontinental shipping will always be cheaper than sending one across the pond. A windshield size box from here to Italy starts at around $500.
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    Tough to replace a gen II viper...

    Everybody and their grandmother has a 1st gen Camaro. You can't go to a car show in Podunk without at least three showing up.
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    is this Whindshield Oem or aftermarket?

    Shipping a windshield size crate from the US to Italy would be cost prohibitive.
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    is this Whindshield Oem or aftermarket?

    Strength isn't really a concern. The only risk is that sometimes aftermarket glass can have a "wave" in it, causing some distortion. Not all of it does, and even the occasional factory piece has it too. It's more of an annoyance than anything else.
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    Tough to replace a gen II viper...

    The I-IIs are, without question, Vipers. Even non-car people know one when they see one. The III-V's are always in danger of the uninformed "Nice Vette" remarks.
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    different seat belts position..

    Why did they switch to the inboard mounting anyway? Vipers are the only car I've seen with that type of mounting.
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    Is this Stock?

    Unless you're using 304 or 316 stainless, header wrap will rust your pipes away, even if it never gets wet. It traps too much heat in the pipes causing the metal to oxidize faster than normal. Stock pipes are 409 stainless, which will still rust(all be it slower than regular steel).
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    Turning rotors. Myths and truths

    '63's still rocked 4 wheel drums. 0-60: 5.9 seconds, 60-0: eventually :D
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    Turning rotors. Myths and truths

    I've done many a brake job in my day. Unless the rotors are warped or grooved I don't feel that turning is necessary. Even with a little bit of grooving, the new pads will quickly wear down to conform to the rotors. The finish on the rotors doesn't matter much, after a few thousand miles, it...
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    Daddy, wow, what kinda car is that? Son, that's the new Vette. -facepalm.

    I always reply with "Well, the speed limit in WI is 65, so...65."
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    Received the VCA membership "pitch letter" today.

    I hadn't noticed, but now that you've pointed it out I don't see any more ads either.
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    GTS Hood Assembly

    Under the hood, in the power distribution box next to the battery terminal. See the following thread:
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    GTS Hood Assembly

    The fan relay socket is known to melt, and when it does the fan stops working.
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    Preserving Rubber Seals

    I second silicone based products. Do NOT use anything petroleum based. If it's got "Petroleum distillates" listed on the bottle, it will cause the rubber to dry out over time. The same products you use on your interior can be used on seals too.
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    Interested in RT/10

    The Gen IIs are more refined. There are many differences but the most noticeable other than the body are an updated suspension, higher HP motors, and real actual roll up windows. Sidepipe conversions on Gen IIs are easy, although expensive.
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    Interested in RT/10

    They're actually fairly low maintenance for what they are. Many service parts were pulled from the Chrysler parts bin, so availability of service parts isn't generally an issue. For example, I picked up front brake pads from Napa for $40. If you're mechanically inclined, they're easy to work...
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    Anybody put in a Ipsco shifter?

    For those that have used other shifters, how does it shift compared to the B&M or Hurst?
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    Viper Replica...On Corvette Chasis...

    Keep in mind that when those kits first came out, Vipers(particularly the new GTS's) were still selling for almost $100K. Like a Ferrari or Lambo kit car, it was meant to give people the Viper look without the Viper price. While obviously a fake to us, 99% of the public would never notice that...
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    Spot Repair - Blending - Technique question

    Base on base can sometimes have issues, it's best to prime any exposed OE base. You'll need to make sure the remaining OE finish is scuffed enough for the new primer/paint to stick. I've found it works best to scuff and clear the whole panel so you don't end up with an odd texture at the new...
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    3M Paint Defender... Anyone Tried it Out?

    Paint Defender is 3M's version of Plasti-dip. The biggest difference is that it dries shiny instead of the matte finish of Dip. From what I've read, durability is about the same between the two.
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    Closing doors

    You can buy strips of pre-tempered spring steel, the trick is finding the "right" one as there are hundreds of different grades or hardnesses available. You need something hard enough to give a decent "spring," but not so hard that it cracks in use(the problem with the factory springs). It...
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    I could do it myself, and have a friend at my local dealer that could get me the kit, but the rear doesn't look like much fun and dealers do it for free. It's on the "things I should get around to" list, along with stuff like the PS pulley and bracket, better motor/trans mounts, etc. On...

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