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    Gen4 side by side Gen5 pictures.

    I'd like to see some pictures of a gen5 side by side with a gen4. I'm not trying to see which I like best. The are both awesome and beautiful but very different. I've so far only seen this two: Have you got any? Maybe there are some from VOI12... Thanks, Tony
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    Lemke Hardtop Group Buy. Anyone interested?

    Since I bought street serpent #3 I have been wanting to buy a Lemke hardtop to complete the look. Since I bought the car I have been planning on fixing all the rock chips and paint defects on my car for it to look perfect. I took a performance driving class on Saturday and I spun once...
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    2013 SRT Viper at Seattle autoshow?

    Does anyone know if the 2013 SRT Viper will be shown at the Seattle autoshow this year? I don't see it in the list of exotics/supercars but at the same time I found this:
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    I spun my car pretty badly, luckily I survived to tell the story. Pics Inside.

    Back when I was flirting with the idea of buying an SRT10 I read all about how to keep my car and my self safe and since I bought my car I have been driving very cautiously on the street. This weekend all of that changed I thought I'd try to find where the limits of my skills driving this car...
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    Oil Change?

    For oil change, and regular maintenance. Do you do it yourself? or do you take your car somewhere else and if so where? Thanks, Tony
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    Newbie questions???

    Have a coupel of newbie questions :rolleyes: Today I got a message saying "Lo Tire" what's the ideal pressure for srt10 tires? (Not sure if it's same as with any other car). Are there different pressures that are better for grip or acceleration. If so what's the ideal for maximum grip? Also...
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    Exotics @ RTC this Saturday 5/26

    I'm planning to be there. Anyone else going?
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    Driver mod... Where to start?

    Still just a few days into viper ownership. Yesterday I went to my first ever VCA sponsored event Dyno Day here in WA. The car scored very decent numbers: 455.75 rwhp and 487.40 pound feet of torque. While I'm sure there is a bunch of things I could do to try and increase those numbers I figured...
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    Headlights photoshops

    So yesterday I play a little bit with the headlights of gen5. I was wondering how would the gen3/4 headlights would look. After I was done with the edition I looked at both pictures for some time and the more I looked at them the more I started thinking the original headlights look best among...
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    The closest I'll be to see the 2013 until a local one shows up.

    I found this video of someone walking around the new car and I think this is as close as you can get to seeing the car in person if you didn't see it prime time. Thought I would post it. Sorry if it's a repost.
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    Impressive skills

    I'm still at work on Friday night at 11:40 PM so I was bored and found this. Is it just me or anyone else thinks this is impressive Edit: sorry if it's a repost.
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    Car Cover opinions.

    I've been shopping around for a good outdoor cover to protect my car when not indoors. Aftar searching the forums and talking to several manufacturers I have come down to 3 options. All three of them are willing to make a custom car cover to fit the street serpent body. They are all similarly...
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    Help me choose the coolest license plate

    Looking for a cool personalized plate for street serpent #3. Vote for your favorite or post your own idea.
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    Just joined the VCA.

    Hi, I just joined the Washington VCA and just wanted to say hello. I meet a few members last year at Maggiano's when Charley took me for my first SRT10 ride. I bought Street Serpent #3 last week: The...
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    I bought my new viper today. What an awesome day.

    Yesterday I flew from WA to IL and I drove 3 hours to Iowa to buy the most amazing car I've ever seen. I'd like to give a bit of history as how this all happened but I'm too tired to do it today. All I'm going to say is that I've bought the master piece that John (Rocket62) created. I can't...
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    Recommend me an enclosed auto transport company

    I'm starting to look for an enclosed auto transport company to ship my future viper. I'm looking for recommended companies and companies I should stay away from so if you have had either bad or good experiences with companies that offer this type of service please share. Tony
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    Does anyone have a Lemke SRT-10 Hartop with Glass Window and defogger for sale?

    I hope this is not against the forum rules... I'm looking into buying a Lemke SRT10 Hardtop with large glass window and defogger. It's a little expensive so I wanted to see if anyone has a used one for sale before biting the bullet. Tony
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    How to buy a car out of state sight unseen?

    Hello, I'm working on a deal with another forum member. We have agreed on a price and the car looks great. However because of work I'm not sure I can fly down from WA to IA and I'm flirting with the idea of buying the car sight unseen. I'm hoping some one in the area will be able to inspect...
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    Need help from someone near Bettendorf, IA

    Hello, I'm working on a deal with another forum member. We have agreed on a price and the car looks great. However I'm not sure I can fly down from WA to IA and I'm flirting with the idea of buying the car sight unseen. I'd like to ask for the help of a third party knowledgeable viper owner...
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    Calling Venom Red SRT10 owners.

    Hello, As I get closer and closer to start looking for my future car. I thought it would be a good idea to get to know current owners of the car I'll be looking for very soon. So if you own a Venom Red SRT10 I'd like you to say hello and if possible to share pictures/video of your car. I've...
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    What to do when you lose control of a SRT10?

    I have read the "how to keep new viper owners safe" thread and although I think it's great and discusses several things that you must always keep in mind to keep the car under control at all times I'd like to see a thread that focuses on discussing what to do in case you already lost control...
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    Vert rear pics. Which one do you like better?

    I got a little bored today and started thinking about the day I'll finally be able to afford a Gen4 venom red vert and whether the rear coupe conversion kit would be worth it or not. So I did some edits on a venom red vert with a hartop and modified the rear. I'd like to know which one you think...
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    Coolest parking lot ever.

    Silly video but this has to be the coolest parking place on earth.
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    Opinions please.

    Hey Guys, I'd like to get some points of view regarding the following situation: I've been saving to buy a viper for some time now. I have my mind set on a 2008 venom red SRT10 vert :drive:, which as of today will cost me anything between 57000 and 65000, and I'd like to pay cash for it, I...
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    Could this be the next gen Viper?

    I found this while randomly surfing the web. Looking at the pics of this mule looks like the front is not far off. Thoughts? Does anyone that went to VOI and saw the prototype could indicate if the first picture is close or not?

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