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    Supercharger Kit Ready Yet?

    Is there any word yet on exactly when the new supercharger kit will be available and the price? It's getting close to 2016 when they said it would be ready.
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    Intermediate steering shaft 2014 viper

    Went on a long ride - 8200 kms and hit some pretty bad roads. My intermediate steering shaft has a slight bit of play at the mid point joint and its bugging the **** out of me. Ive decided to change it - Mopar parts has one and it looks like its the same piece from 2003 t0 2015...
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    Changed oil in transmission and diff.

    I changed the oil in the transmission and diff. today. The diff. was quite dirty and the transmission oil was a little cloudy. Now I have Royal Purple in the diff and Amsoil Synthetic ATF in the trans. What a difference. The transmission shifts a lot nicer and it will run a little cooler...
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    How much boost can the Gen V motor take and the car for that matter?

    I was looking at the specs. for the supercharger kit that will be available in 2016. It refers to having 900 BHP at 6 pounds boost. Apparently the Gen V motor and chassis is already built for this gain, so, my question is - how much boost, and power, can we get away with on a stock motor and...
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    OK SRT Stop messing around and let's get serious!!!

    I own a 2014 SRT Viper. I want to add some serious power to this beast. I have heard the 8.4l is very tough and that gives us all room to move on some power increases, however you guys at SRT are stonewalling us all. So, I want you guys at SRT to start communicating with us. Let's even start...

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