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    Trade up for a blue/white Gen 2 scoop?

    Since my 97's hood has been crunched, the original scoop is gone. It's been replaced with a later Sapphire scoop, and I don't want to have one more thing to try and match paint. The scoop is in good shape, although the paint does have swirl marks in it. I'd call it a good driver quality...
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    How do engine/trans mounts prevent wheel hop?

    I've read time and time again that switching to poly engine and trans mounts will help eliminate wheel hop. My question is how? My understanding of wheel hop is that it's the rear suspension loading and unloading. How do the mounts, which aren't part of the rear suspension, help prevent it...
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    I've decided to post a build/repair log of my '97 GTS. Some of you guys might remember a few months ago there was a wrecked b/w '97 GTS on e-bay at a very low price. Since I was across the country, I couldn't inspect it first hand. Moreover, there was a bank lien on the title. It was the...
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    Help with my stock CD player

    The stock CD player in my '97 GTS doesn't work. Here's what it does: Any time I turn the ignition on, the player tries to eject a disc, even if no disc is present. When I try to insert a disc, it will not **** the disc in, doesn't matter if the radio is on or off. If I push a disc in, it...
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    Where does this weatherstripping go?

    My '97 was a little bit taken apart when I got it. Laying in the trunk was this piece of weatherstripping, and I can't figure out where it goes. You can see the profile in the pic, and it's 41" long. Anyone recognize it? Thanks for the help.
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    Air bag light on a '97 GTS

    The Air Bag light is on in my '97 GTS, has been since I got it. I've got the bigger things taken care of, and this is next on my list of things to do. The car was hit in the front, but not very hard. The right headlight was replaced, and corner of the hood cracked, but there was no structural...
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    Support hatch glass when out of car?

    This weeks stupid question once again brought to you by Jeff :D I've got to pull my hatch glass to reglue the hinge. I've had big chunks of curved glass out many times over the years, but I'm always a bit paranoid of the glass breaking under it's own weight. I'm thinking of making a "cradle"...
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    Automatic car washes and the hood scoop?

    There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots :) My car's been leaking oil for years, and the bottom is covered in slimy goo. It needs a SERIOUS underbody flush to get at least the first few layers of crud off, so I'm going to take it through a non-contact car wash...
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    Am I missing something here?

    I'm working on getting my '97 back into shape. When I got it, the hood was way out of whack. I got my doors set, then set the door-hood gaps. They're not perfect, but are acceptable for now. Now I'm trying to set the hood-fascia gap, and I'm stuck. While the drivers side lines up well, the...
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    Suggestions for fixing my stanchion cover?

    I got a new used door shell for my '97 GTS, and I'm swapping my old parts into the new door. Taking my old door apart, I discovered that the screws for the inner stanchion cover were loose. Turns out the "nuts" that are supposed to be molded into the outer stanchion cover are broken off, in...
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    Are all T56 shifters the same?

    I want to upgrade the shifter in my '97 GTS. I can find used GM F-body and Mustang aftermarket T56 shifters relatively cheaply. My question is, aside from the lever(which I can make myself), are all T56 shifters pretty much the same, or do I need a Viper specific shifter? If I need a specific...
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    Blending GTS blue?

    I just bought my first Viper, a Blue/White1997 GTS :) It needs a bit of paint repair, enough that I'll have to respray parts of it. I'm a fairly accomplished painter and I'll be doing the work myself. I know metallics and pearls often don't blend well. My question is will the GTS Blue blend...

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