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    Recommend me an enclosed auto transport company

    I haven't log in here in a while and was surprised to see the thread a the top. I haven't use A1 transport but my recommendation is choose a set of your top five companies (based on reviews and such) and choose the one that can pick it up quicker. You might get lucky and find one that is able to...
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    2015 Z06 specs leaked 620hp/650tq

    I for one like a lot what the new Z06 brings to the table. Having 620+hp and 635 lb/ft of torque and being faster at the track than the 2013 ZR1 is very impressive. I think it's awesome it comes with a carbon fiber removable roof. It really sounds like a no compromises car. I'm sure it's the...
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    It's lowered on motons.
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    Now this, is Awesome!

    I like your way of thinking. If I win the lottery I'll be right there with you!
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    Now this, is Awesome!

    Awesome picture. Thanks, for sharing. :2tu: I can't believe I'm going to say this but in picture I preffer the gen3 looks. It also appears to be the newest model. I wonder if I'd feel the same way in person. No doubt the gen5 is the better car though.
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    6 Flat Tonneaus for SRT's for sale, **** OUT PRICE!

    Does your produce any rattles? Is it easy to put on and off? Do you have pictures of it on your car? Thanks, Tony
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    6 Flat Tonneaus for SRT's for sale, **** OUT PRICE!

    I might be interested... What's the weight difference between the fiber glass and the carbon fiber one? Does it fit in the trunk? Can the carbon fiber one be painted over? Thanks, Tony
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    Thoughts on Car Covers

    California Covers Outdoor Superwave cover. There is nothing better out there IMO.
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    Sorry guys..I'm moving on....

    Hey that's cool. We'll see you in the Gen 5 forums. You are a man of good taste. Congratulations. :2tu: Now go :drive:
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    09 Toxic Vert w/Black 10 stripes for Sale!

    Stunning. I usually dislike painted wheels, even here they are not my cup of tee. Having said that I think they are tastefully done. The stripes look awesome on it. Overall amazing looking car. I love vipers.
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    What factory 18/19 inch wheels do you have for sale?

    I'm in Washington. I could let my chrome 5 spoke wheels go. PM me if interested
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    It has arrived!

    Awesome :drive: Congrats.
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    Cutting in the kitchen

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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    First round of mods on my Gen IV!

    Awesome work. The car looks better than new. I wish I knew how to correct the paint like that.
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    First crashed Gen V on public roads?

    Condolences for his loved ones. It was a horrific accident, very sad.
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    Today was an awesome day!!!

    Stop it... I'm dying to see one in person. I heard one of the best drivers of the local club is getting one. Can wait to see it or better yet ride along at an autocross.
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    Someone please make this for 2006-2010

    Subscribed this should be interesting. So what's is the expected rear down force improvement from something like this. My guess is that it wouldn't quite replace the huge ACR wing. If that's the case adding ACR front canards and this rear spoiler might result on unbalanced front biased down...
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    Gen V wheels for my Gen IV

    That's too bad... fully polished should look great.
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    Gen V wheels for my Gen IV

    Wow! this wheels look great. If anyone needs a set of five spokes let me know. I wouldn't mind to upgrade my wheels to this :smirk:
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    What a Gen 5 might look like in Snakeskin Green

    You know this is a diecast right? I agree with you in that it need black stripes. Or an ACR theme.

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