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    Milling gen 4 heads?

    Does anyone know how much can be taken off to increase compression on gen 4s? I see threads about gen 3s but is there a reason this is not done on gen 4s?
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    Identify pistons and rods

    Hi All, Working on my mystery box. The engine appears to have been rebuilt. ARP 2000 rod bolts which I assume are not stock and these pistons do no appear to be stock. They numbers cast on them, 376ad and 103L37. I tried to Google these and seem to get conflicting results. They may be Mopar...
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    New wrinkle - air coming from intake when turning over

    Hi all, As you may be aware my car has a no spark condition. Well, while turning it over to diagnose, we found air blowing out of the intake. To us, this meant a burnt/broken valve, broken spring, wiped cam lobe or bent pushrod. I removed the valve covers and found this (pic 1). The rocker...
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    08 GEN 4 No spark

    Hi all, new to the viper game aftering having made a sketchy transaction. Ignoring all that, the car has an incorrect battery hooked it and that is also on a charger. Fuel was bad, disconnected line and drained it. Added fresh gas. Since it's a return style system, what was left should be...