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    Waking up a 2006 Coupe

    I am about to look at a Gen 3, 2006 Coupe. It has been asleep unused in the owners garage for 6-8 years. The owner has age related illnesses and will be of no help with answers to questions. I have no idea what I will find. So when I get there, where do I begin? 1) Chances are the battery is...
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    Gen 4 hood on a 2006 Coupe

    Can anyone confirm: Is a Gen 4 (2008) hood a direct replacement onto a Gen 3 2006 coupe. Any additional or updated parts to be considered? Air intake seals, latches, hinges etc? Appreciate any info. Cheers Greg
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    2006 Viper tremec t56 transmission cable/solenoids

    Hi all. A quick question about the Gen III (2006) transmission electric cable/harness. There are only 3 electric connections to the trans. Right? Skip shift solenoid Back-up light switch Reverse lockout solenoid That's all I can see on the trans or in the factory manuals/parts lists. A little...
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    Tremec t56 bellhousing outline

    Hi all. Does anyone have a Gen III (2006) Tremec T56 sitting around. Why, you might ask? Well, I'd like to ask for a favor. I need a paper or cardboard template/tracing of the transmission bellhousing (to engine block) outline with bolt hole locations. I need this to check out an adapter. I'd be...
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    Gen 3 Center console shifter bezel

    Hi all. Looking for a Gen3 Center Console shifter bezel. The molded plastic cover on the center console that houses the cigar lighter, power window switches, ash tray etc. Broken or damaged OK as long as it's relatively intact. Making some mods to a center console and want to proto on a...