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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Could you please call again, now there seems to be some confusion with PayPal
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Paypal Please call 216-319-2050 9am-9pm eastern I have continuous problems logging in to VCA.
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    I never received a fuel sensor. I’m still interested.
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    I am interested in a Gen1 fuel level sensor if still available. Dave @ [email protected] or 216-319-2050. Rocky River, OH
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    94 rt/10 Power steering leak (High Pressure Hose)

    Replaced my 94 high pressure hose a month ago. Dodge price $68+; Rockauto $13 plus shipping. Get a brand name, either Gates or Adelco. You can probably find them locally also; Gates #352450, Adelco 36362450(#19147404). I went with Gates, took 15 min. to replace. RockAuto Parts Catalog
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    "GROUP BUY" On R&J Distributing VIPER EMBLEMS Who wants in?

    Re: \"GROUP BUY\" On R&J Distributing VIPER EMBLEMS Who wants in? I would like a set of chrome rear emblems for RT/10.
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    Help!!!My 94 rt10 exhaust is killing me

    You may want to look into Corsa exhausts. Excellent quality and they are made specifically to eliminate drone. However, no direct fit for Gen I; need to fabricate.
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    Strange Post: Who has been here longest with the fewest posts?

    Will be hard to beat this! And 2 of those were earlier today. I'd rather be racing than writing!!
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    Gen 1 with Roe blower misfiring???

    May want to check crank sensor. Both timing and tach are based on the crank sensor. Try moving the sensor wires and see if it has an effect.
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    Gen 1 with Roe blower misfiring???

    Have you tried to reload your VEC2 mapping? I have a 94 Gen1 with a VEC2 and have had the same problem periodically over the past 2 years. For some reason ??? the VEC looses its mapping. I just reload with the card and all is well!
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    Closing The Hood. Really!

    I have had the same problem several times on my Gen1. The problem is the safety latch doesn't return to its normal open position and the hood hits the top of the safety latch. The solution is to grease the hood latch. Hope this helps!
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    Clutch replacement questions

    I was having problems shifting into 3rd gear, so pulled the trans to put in new synchros. Decided to replace clutch and slave just to be safe.
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    Clutch replacement questions

    I replaced my clutch and slave cylinder this past summer. The LUK clutch replacement kit comes with pressure plate, disk and throwout bearing. LUK Part# 05-088 The LUK slave cylinder comes without the bearing. LUK Part# LSC134 Costs were Kit = $190, Slave = $205 plus tax &amp...
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    Restricted Airflow - ***?

    You state "too much fuel or too little air". I would guess your main problem is just the opposite: FAR too little fuel before 5000, and a little too much after. No restriction, just the tune.
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    Cam questions

    What we really need to see is the air/fuel ratio associated with the dyno pulls; that will tell the real story. As far as the negative fuel values, these are being applied during idle and normal driving conditions.
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    Cam questions

    Based on your fuel load table, you are only reducing stock fuel amounts (all negative "ms" amounts); nowhere are you increasing fuel. During WOT (approx 4V-5V), all your values are set to zero, effectively running the stock fuel map.
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    scan reading ....HELP ..!

    Your idle problem may not be related to the 'adaptive fuel' readings your getting from your AutoXray (Bank 1 short term % running rich). I also have a 94RT and use an AutoXray scanner. My car idles and runs perfectly, but I have always had the same 'strange' Bank1 adaptive fuel reading using...
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    Procedure to replace head gaskets on gen1

    I just completed replacing the head gaskets on my 94 RT/10. Hope some of the following tips help to expedite your replacement. Tips when replacing Gen1 head gaskets: Procedures in Gen1 Service Manual are a good starting point. Most if not all nuts and bolts are metric. Probably could do...
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    Klaben Dodge, Kent, Ohio 330-673-9971