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  1. Real_Maverick

    Gen 1 Dash Refinishing

    Nice job! I need to do this, but will probably just work with a paint shop to get that color and paint for me. That grey looks oem.
  2. Real_Maverick

    Squealing from serpentine belt

    Did you need to replace the pulley? I thought the gen 1s had metal from the factory and gen 2's had the plastic one that would break.
  3. Real_Maverick

    Gen 1 OEM wheels w/ spacers

    Anyone have pics of what the 3/8 or 5/16 wheels spacers look like on the 3 spoke gen 1 OEM wheels? I'm debating if it would better line up the wheels to the body but can't seem to find any pictures on the net.
  4. Real_Maverick

    Dash color/finish on new parts

    I would love to find the paint code for the original dash. Thinking of pulling mine and having it refinished back to original color but I can't seem to find any info on the correct color match.
  5. Real_Maverick

    A missing piece in the engine cooling system

    Ya, I think that's it, but you'd be best to call and chat with someone there about it. I recently swapped all the hoses, but couldn't find any of the metal tubes to replace, so just kept what I had. They do flake the black paint overtime, and you'll see it in the coolant.
  6. Real_Maverick

    Which coolant reservoir to check fluid level?

    Steve is your man! He helped me on a cooling question with my 95, all fixed now. You should be able to see the lower res level indicator in the front wheel well area. Just get a flashlight up under the area and it shines though but I suspect there would be a crack. To really inspect, you'll...
  7. Real_Maverick

    1995 Coolant Change

    I think I found parts of the issue. It appears to be a combination of old rubber hoses and the peeling of the paint on the metal cooling tubes. Taking the hoses off and quite a big of corrosion/gunk around the area where the hoes overlapped the metal. Not 100% sure that's the only issue, but...
  8. Real_Maverick

    1995 Coolant Change

    Dang! Already bought some silicon ones that were WAY more than what' you're asking. If no one else buys them, I might return and buy yours ;) Ya, I'll check the gasket and add a pic. I doubt they've been changed.
  9. Real_Maverick

    1995 Coolant Change

    Ya, I did feel the coolant up top and it did feel oily. I also ran my finger along the inner upper hose and black liquid rubbed off on my finger. To your point, I'm not sure if it's the old hoses deteriorating and mixing with the coolant or if actual oil is in there. I'll be ordering new...
  10. Real_Maverick

    1995 Coolant Change

    Looking for some input. Doing fluid changes on my 95 and when I drained the coolant from the bottom radiator hose, it looks pretty good and green as expected. However, when I took the upper radiator hose off, the fluid still in the hose looked much murkier and almost grey with lots of black...
  11. Real_Maverick

    Gen 1 dash color

  12. Real_Maverick

    1995 factory 3 spoke wheel color?

    Perfect! Exact info I've been looking for, I'll reach out via email. Thanks Jon B.
  13. Real_Maverick

    WTB Gen2 GTS Borla Exhaust and Belanger Headers

    I've heard good things about the Borla setup and if they made it for Gen 1's, I'd probably have gone with that too. Love the Belanger setup I got though.
  14. Real_Maverick

    1995 factory 3 spoke wheel color?

    Anyone know if the 3 spoke factory Gen 1 wheels have different paint for 1995? From the little info I've found online, the 1995 may have a "metallic flake" while earlier years didn't. Looking to replace one center cap and the one I got looks like it's a slightly darker grey compared to the...
  15. Real_Maverick

    1994 RT/10 Fuel pump not working?

    Personally, I'd send the whole thing in for a rebuild. In the next year or two, I'll need to do the same on my 95. My check valve leaks back into the tank, so I've put the timer solution on for now. Eventually, I'll need to pull the whole tank like you did and send the assembly in for...
  16. Real_Maverick

    Lemke hardtop 6000$

    Wow, they're going for 6k now? Guess I'm out of the market for one ;)
  17. Real_Maverick

    Exhaust Options for 95 Viper

    I've had my Viper for nearly a year now and love it. I am thinking of changing the exhaust from cat back to help with heat and provide a little better sound. Are there any bolt on solutions currently on the market? I really wanted Borla or Belanger and I know Roe Racing and a few other...
  18. Real_Maverick

    98 GTS Fuel Pump

    Yep, that's what's happening. It churns for about 5-7 seconds priming the line. I tried the "work around" with the timer but didn't seem to do much. I'll get it replaced and hope it's not a big big job.
  19. Real_Maverick

    98 GTS Fuel Pump

    Oh that's great news! I'll need to get mine fixed because it churns and take 5 sec to actually start up. Think that will fix it?
  20. Real_Maverick

    98 GTS Fuel Pump

    I think my fuel pressure regulator check valve is bad also. I heard the only way to really get it fixed was to cut into the tank. Is that true or pretty easy to have a shop fix it?
  21. Real_Maverick

    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    I would love to pickup a set of the Lemke hardtops. But, yes they are hard to find now and very pricey.
  22. Real_Maverick

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Yep, see all the responses about older tires needing to replace, but I also hear the other side saying that tire material is different from years ago and can last much longer. I know the safe bet is to just buy new ones, but is there any real merit to saying new tire material can be used longer...
  23. Real_Maverick

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Don't want to hijack the thread, but everyone says to be careful. I assume that is only in rain or turning right? I have tires that are basically new (from used standpoint.....90% tread), but are older (2010 & 2011). I've gotten on it in straight lines and never even broke the grip. Assuming...
  24. Real_Maverick

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Good to know. I've thought about training in my RT for a GTS, but the RT is just so much fun. Maybe I'll just need to buy another and have two in the garage.
  25. Real_Maverick

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Exact reason why I went with a Gen 1. Raw and started it all. Congrats to OP, enjoy it.