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    Heffner Twin Turbo vs Supercharger

    I purchased my 2001 RT10 2 years ago. Shortly after, I installed a Roe Super-charger and it was an excellant diy kit for the money. Although I was looking for more, I had Jason Heffner install his supercharger combo, and once again made exceptionally good power. I had just picked up my car...
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    DLM Supercharger for sale
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    Slicks & Skinnies on 2001

    Just got my M/T Drag slicks and skinnies. What is needed to fit them on 2001 rt/10. rim hits caliper bolt. Thanks
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    After market fuel pump and pick up install help needed

    I removed fuel tank and was looking for some ideas as to where to drill hole for return and feed. I am going to use bulkheads but unsure what I should do in the tank. should I make a pick-up tube and where should I try to pull from. On a drag race tank it is on rear center so I guess this would...
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    Line lock Kits on ABS Car's

    Line lock Kits on ABS Car\'s Will a line lock kit work on a car with ABS Brakes? and if so what is a good brand to buy. I see in Summit they all say for use on non ABS Brakes Thanks
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    18" OEM Wheels chrome plated

    18\" OEM Wheels chrome plated I have a set of 18" Oem Factory Wheels I would like to sell. What should I expect to get for them. They have not had tires mounted since I had chrome done. I am thinking of selling to buy a set of Forgline or Purners. Any offers? Thanks
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    HI-FLO Cat Out The Exhaust

    Hi Everyone, I went to Heffners 10/13/04 to have car tuned again and blower pulley changed to 10lbs.Jason was able to get 643.8hp and 667.1 tq. I was hoping to get closewr to 700 and Jason tried for hours. He told me the Random teck(ceramic cats)were not rated for more than 650(crank)hp and...
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    Need some input with 1/4 times

    I went to track and was heart broken over times ran. I lowered rear tire pressure to 25 lbs and launched @ 3000 rpm (big mistake). my first run was against a z06 and I was sideways watching the vette pull away but when I hooked up I was closing in. I ran a 12.84 @ 114.85 and the vette ran 12.69...
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    classified section

    When people list parts why dont they take them off site when sold? I have sent several emails and people say sorry sold and some dont even respond back.
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    Corsa exhaust with hi-flo cats

    Just installed exhaust and cats. It fells like the car has less bottom end,just doesnt seem to pull as hard. is it me or not. thanks
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    what to do next???

    I bought a 2001 tr/10 last month. I have a roe supecharger (used) comming this week.I bought corsa cat back with hi-flo cats and a b&m shifter.also k&n filters with smooth tubes.what are your thought to do next. roller rockers?headers? aluminum flywheel? Thanks
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    Coolant Light

    Just picked up a 2001 RT/10 last friday. Sometimes coolant light comes on in dash but if i jab brake it will flicker on/off.checked coolant and full.I thought sensor in tank stuck but I do not see one in tank. Thanks
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    B&M Shifter

    Is the B&M Ripper shifter the same as the B&M short throw. Thanks
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    carbon fiber air box on ebay

    just picked up a 2001 rt/10 and it is great. I wish I had bought sooner. Has anyone used the air box listed on ebay item#2462954994. I see they also sell them on there web site ( says you have to make your own brackets to mount. I thought it was priced o.k. at 150.00 but I am...