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    Does ACR Extreme Aero come with straight pipes.

    Automobile magazine thinks it does... The sound matches the fury.
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    In the Spirit of Christmas

    In the Spirit of Christmas, I will send as a gift a brand new, still in the box Maisto Model 1:18 scale 2013 SRT Viper GTS in brilliant Christmas Red to the first person requesting it. No strings, just a little giving back this Christmas to the members who have given so much to me. Paul...
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    Gen V at Buttonwillow

    Winding road has a nice narrated lap at Buttonwillow track. Gives an inpressive feel for the car on the track.
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    Nice article on adjusting shock absorbers.

    Saw this article in Winding Road. Good reading on adjustable shock absorbers. Tuning shock absorbers used to be a bit of a black art, but over the past decade or so, it's become more of a science. David Murry tackles the topic of shock absorber tuning this week, and what I like most about his...
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    New 2015 information

    In the September issue of Car and Driver, they publish in their New cars for 2015 article. "With the demise of the stand-alone SRT division, the Viper returns to the Dodge fold for 2015. A new GT model, which slots between the regular car and the GTS, arrives with a spiffy interior and...
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    Ralph Gilles drives the COTA track Ralph talks about the future of manual transmissions, the direction of SRT, new Positive Displacement plans, and potential to use Hybrid technology to enhance SRT performance...
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    Added two more strakes on the diffuser

    Wanted to do something different to my 09 Coupe, so added two more strakes to the rear under pannel diffuser. Always thought it might look a bit more finished. Had a guy make me up a couple in aluminum, ($65) and put them on last night. Think it turned out pretty well, and looks factory. Just...
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    Oil from natural gas?

    This new Pennzoil promotional clip says that the original fill for the Gen V's are a special oil made from Natural gas instead of crude oil. Has an interview about it with Ralph and SRT racing drivers. First I have heard about this new Natural Gas based...
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    Fantastic dealership experience

    After reading a previous post about horrible dealership experiences I was expecting the worst. A friend was interested in buying my 09, so I wanted to see what might be available in a new 13-14. Stopped into a local Dodge dealership, Carl Burgers in San Diego. Was blown away. They had 4 well...
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    Inspiration for the New Gen V ACR and Convertible

    I believe that this Top Gear video clip should be the inspiration for design and production of the new ACR and Convertible. A bit long, but shows what the...
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    Ralph in Automobile magazine

    Automobile magazine has some nice things to say about what is popular at Viper. Looks like he has a pretty good handle on what Viper Owners want.
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    New unbrella company…FCA

    Is it just me, or does the new Fiat ownership look like they are trying to more closely associate with VCA. Just tongue in cheek, but thought it interesting that they are only one letter away.
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    Don't forget your battery cables

    Noticed that my Viper was not starting as crisply as usual, and though it was just time for a new battery. When I took a look, the positive post was all green and furry with corrosion. Quick cleaning with some baking soda and all is back to normal. Since Viper batteries are pretty well hidden...
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    A Christmas gift for your Viper

    Just was looking through the VPA catalog and saw they are are selling Drivers side OEM seat backs for only $200 (MSRP $784). I remember when I had my 96 that the seatback got worn from sliding in and out on the bolster. Think a new one would be cheaper than getting the worn one reupholstered...
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    Drive carefully this Holiday Season

    A sincere Holiday Tip for my friends & relatives: With the Holidays upon us I would like to share a personal experience with my friends about drinking and driving. As you may know some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a...
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    The Elephant in the room

    Looking for some input here, and perhaps get some advice for Presidents of regional clubs that are considering moving over to ***. What should happen to the money in their VCA Regional Club account, and to other assets, they may have received from VCA or their VCA members. Assuming that some...
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    SRT All-Access in San Diego

    A big thanks to SRT for inviting us over for your All-Access event at Petco park. SRT arrived in two huge car haulers with 6 impressive Gen V Vipers. Each Viper was set up in a different way. They ranged from a top of the line GTS with beautiful Laguna Leather. It felt like sitting in a well...
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    Thanks to SRT and Motor Village LA for a great day

    Want to thank SRT, Lance, SoCal VCA, and Motor Village LA for a fantastic event. Made us feel like rock stars. We were treated like VIP's. After a fun slither through the LA freeways, we arrived at Motor Village LA. This is a fantastic 4 story dealership stocked to the brim with Chryslers...
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    COTA Discount Tickets.

    Living Social is offering discount Formula 1 tickets for the September race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. If you are planning to attend, this could save you a couple bucks...
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    This ought to sell a few more Vipers

    Reports that Chevy dealers are charging a $20,000 premium on the new Vett should push some to upgrade to a new Gen V Viper.
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    Thanks again Todd Abrams

    Todd installed a set of the new MCS shocks on my O9, replacing the KW Variant II's. Now that I have more miles on it, I decided it was just a bit soft for me. Todd had me bring it in, and put it on the lift. He originally set it at 8 clicks front, and 12 rear. Two turns on the height, and two...
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    KW vs MCS shocks

    To bring everybody up to speed, this is about changing the coil over suspension on my 09 Coupe from KW Variant IIs to the newest MCS (Motion Control Suspension) shocks. These two shocks are very similiar in design, and will most likely be cross shopped by Viper owners wanting to upgrade their...
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    Driver in a Ferrari explains why we prefer Vipers over Vettes

    This video shows, in vivid detail, why we love our Vipers, and the passion they bring out. While not a Ferrari F-1 car, it explains why the communication feedback from a Viper goes straight to our pleasure centers...
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    What cars, besides Viper, are built in Detroit.

    Was wondering if any other automakers actually build any of their cars (not trucks) in Detroit. I do not mean in the suburbs of Detroit, but actually within the City of Detroit.
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    New Corvette engine to be smaller, heavier, and also used in trucks

    Latest info on new Vette motor shows little competition for Viper V-10. Will be small displacement, heavier, and designed for use both in Vette and Chevy trucks.