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    Fuel pump for those with a Paxton/Novi and stock Gen3 rotating assembly?

    Anyone with the Paxton/Novi supercharger setup with a stock Gen3 motor in here? Will only be running 4-5psi, does the fuel pump need to be upgraded if running larger injectors and a new tune for them and the SC ? I have this setup on my 2005 SRT10 Truck and the stock fuel pump was ok to run...
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    Windshield wipers not working as well as windshield fluid not spraying

    This is on a '05 Viper, nothing on the right hand side stem is working, no wipers, no fluid will spray on windshield when level is pulled back. I tested the fluid pump, it works fine as the wiring was easy to get to. I have the wiper motor harness pulled out, its the 5 wire and I just located...
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    Part number for the access panel in front of front tire in fender well on a 2005?

    Anyone know where to get this part or the part number for it on a 2005 Viper? This is right in front of the front tire, passenger side. Looks like same one is on driver side also, but I have one missing.
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    Hood or deck emblem, p/n 05245478 ?

    I've been trying to locate another emblem exactly like the one in the attachment, the original packaging from 6/1992 shows p/n 05245478. It is flat. I went to local dealer and was told that p/n was superceded by JW27M1R, but that emblem is slightly curved so it is not the same one. * Anyone...
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    Scan Tools for the Gen3 that monitor spark/knock??

    Hi, I have an '05 SRT10 truck with the Gen3 motor and is supercharged. I have been looking for any type of scan tool that will monitor the ignition spark knock/****** but can't seem to find anything that will do that which the truck owners have. So I've come here to see if any of you use a...