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    Gen 1 owners and/or service manual

    More than a PDF file thread we need a "cross-referenced parts" page to show what parts from other vehicles can be used, and also a "cheaper alternatives" thread I made a window sticker for my 98GTS if anyone wants it as well. You can change it up, and all the specs can be gotten from Dodge...
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    Gen 1 owners and/or service manual

    all 953 pages in pdf form
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    Gen 1 owners and/or service manual
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    Gen 1 owners and/or service manual

    I can send you the link in here or PM if you want. I opened it so anyone can download it
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    Brass Viper Emblem??

    man those are pretty cool. Side note, the Hulk Viper isn't my thing and neither is the Ronal McDonald Viper, but they do have their place in auto/Viper history. I'd love the Hulk Viper, but sure couldnt afford it. Those look pretty sweet for sure.
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    Gen II power steering pulley.

    Thanks for posting this for us fiscal viper owners. I like seeing how we can save money and still enjoy our rides. I had to get a DRL module when I was getting the federal inspection on it for Canada....$250 from Dodge or a $10 used from a caravan from the wreckers, yes please. I bought 2009...
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    Gen 1 owners and/or service manual

    I have the Gen 1/2 service manual in PDF form on my google drive if you want to download it
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    The right place to advertise a 96 GTS

    +1 for Ebay, but unless things have changed, you may not get the highest dollar from there vs other places. In 2011 I bought my 98GTS with 18000 miles for $31,700. Even then, that was significantly lower than what I was looking at on other sites. I mean yes that was 8 years ago, but likely...
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    Bump for Roe Supercharger

    Oh MY! Why isn't this snagged up?! A supercharger kit for the Viper isn't being snagged up? Unless I am missing something here...hurry up people!
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    Please Help: Would love to find my car's original owner

    Mine actually came with the bill of sale or receipt or whatever it is called in California. Kind of cool. I didn't contact them yet, but I do have intention to. Good luck with the hunt though. I really wish I could track my old Stang down though
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    '96 GTS - need windshield and driver side windshield wiper motor

    I just replied to another thread, so this is somewhat doubling up, but both threads were so close so here goes. Dodge windshields are discontinued, and the only aftermarket option I have seen is a polycarbonate windshield from, but I havent found anyone with any experience for...
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    Gen 1 New Windshields

    I am in the same boat. I have a smashed 98 GTS windshield and need a new one. I went to dodge and paid for a new one and they called me a few days later and said they were wrong and there are none available. i contacted safelite and they dont make them either. The only place I have found for...
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    Corsa Exhaust & Bellanger Headers

    Talk about done...catless with the Magnaflow catback. have to be down on the highway or your head may explode
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    Corsa Exhaust & Bellanger Headers

    Any headers for sale for the poor? (me)
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    Aftermarket exhaust making the 02 viper louder!

    The rear muffler delete system is lame (for the cost). If you want to do that, save a fortune and just take out the rear mufflers yourself and put in straight pipes (Dirt cheap from all your local auto stores). This is another Viper tax money grab. I did the rear straight pipes before I got...
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    A little surprised ...but not really...

    Kudos to her! Wow. Dave6666 can ***** about that look all he wants, but it makes me wonder if he is ***. Getting too muscular on a female (when they start to look like a man) is never a fun thing, but Sybil is far from that. Just the perfect amount of amazing muscle with no masculine shape...
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    A little surprised ...but not really...

    What Sybil picture are we speaking of. Please show
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    A little surprised ...but not really...

    Judging is rigged. yes I do love trophies to go in my garage, but I do love going to car shows. Take this....this past summer I went to a smaller car show, there were 3 trophies for every decade, and the trophies went to a mustang and 2 camaros (one of the ugliest generations of both) This...
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    Jacking Your Viper Up On A 4-Post Lift

    If you are using it for storage or parking a car underneath to make more room, spend a LITTLE bit extra and get the 4 post, it is a no brainer. Sure, you may find it a pain in the *** to put a jack under there when you want to remove the tires, but the little amount that happens vs storing with...
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    Okay Viper owners, enough is enough

    That's what I believe too. I got my 98 Viper GTS, 69 GTO convertible, Dodge Charger and mini van for the same price that some friends/co-workers paid for their half tonne truck. To me it is a no brainer to have these cool looking vehicles (the first two I mentioned) vs a pick-up that blends in...
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    Okay Viper owners, enough is enough

    I guess that's where I agree to disagree. Last school year my daughter's told their teacher that we had a Viper, and soon enough I had to take it there and show about twenty 10 year old kids the car and they all got pictures with it. Sure, I told them not to touch, etc, but there is no harm in...
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    Looking for Random Tech Catback

    I think he is looking for a catback system and not cats. I do like that option of the saab cats though. I am cutting mine out this winter and if cat delete is too smelly for me I will look for a nice cheap substitute.
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    Winter storage

    Thanks for the info. What about the changing oil before storage vs when I get it out in the spring as I have been doing?
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    GenII Fuel Pump.. need one... anyone have?

    Glad these options are here instead of a viper specific pump. The way my wife drives it on empty, I am sure mine will burn out soon.