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  1. Vpr898

    Please Help: Would love to find my car's original owner

    Edit: Maybe this isn't coming off the way I intended, but I'm not upset or disgruntled. Quite the opposite! I want to ask questions, learn history, maybe hear some stories, maybe purchase anything like parts or documents that were found after the original owner let the car go. I’m looking for...
  2. Vpr898

    What's a Good Price? 2014 w/17,000+ miles

    I'd really appreciate some help determining a good purchase price for this 2014 GTS. It's got a few more miles on it than I'd like but I'm still interested. Thanks very much!
  3. Vpr898

    WANTED: Looking for a Gen V to make my own!

    Firstly, I can't seem to access classifieds so I apologize for posting here. If it's inappropriate I'll happily take down the post. I'm looking to purchase a Gen V Viper GTS with Laguna Leather interior (or similarly equipped GTC). What I'd like: Hoping to spend no more than $80-85K My...
  4. Vpr898

    Door Hinge Cover *****/Bolt Identification and Supply

    I'm looking for the small black hex head ***** with free-floating washer that holds the Gen II door hinge cover to the car. The head fits well in a 5/16" socket and also quite well in an 8 mm socket, so I don't know if it's metric or SAE. The threaded length is about 1" and it's got a tapered...
  5. Vpr898

    Gen II OEM Wheel Finishes

    Does anyone know what factory finishes the '96 and '97 GTS wheels came with? I know that the '96 are two-piece cast and welded and the '97 are of identical design but single piece forged. But that's all I remember. I can't readily find the information, thanks for the help!
  6. Vpr898

    Windshield Wipers Sword-fight

    I have read through this forum, other online resources, and the vehicle's service manual...only to be completely unsure of how to proceed and which part(s) to replace. I have embedded a link below of a video of my particular issue as it unfolds. Any assistance would be appreciated, even if it...
  7. Vpr898

    P0171 Code After Belanger Full-Exhaust Install (w/high flow metallic substrate cats)

    1996 GTS 9,500mi I completed the installation of the full exhaust system from Belanger Headers today; long tube headers, high flow cats (metallic substrate), and cat back. Ran the car up and down the street after the install a few times and on one of the runs, the P0171 (Lean Bank 1) code was...
  8. Vpr898

    Interior Door Lock/Unlock Switch Light Stays On

    Well, the title of the post sums it up. The little amber light on the interior door lock/unlock switch stays on while the car is parked, all the time. I'm sure this isn't a feature, but I can't seem to find any information on it. Any tips, explanations, or suggestions would be appreciated...
  9. Vpr898

    Mechanic Search - Rochester NY

    I'm looking for a mechanic in Rochester, NY with some Viper experience and knowledge. Please shoot me a reply or a message (585-469-5433) with any suggestions. Thanks! (I'm hoping this is the right place, I haven't posted much :dunno:) -Todd
  10. Vpr898

    Sign of damage or hood half unlatched?

    Hi, this is my first post and I am nearing the purchase of my first Viper. It's a 1996 GTS that looks to be in excellent condition I'll spare some of the details and get to my question. In two of the photos provided by the dealer, I noticed a much larger gap between the hood and headlight on...