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    Gen 1 93 - RT/10 Hi-Flow Exhaust Options

    Chuck did my ROE exhaust with the high flow cats this year and I love the way it sounds now. Yes you have to change the hangers but the factory ones squeak anyways so just do the conversion. I no longer BAKE inside my car from the factory exhaust. The new system is way cooler. I was going to...
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    Red GTS - Wallingford, CT

    I havent seen the Red one yet only the Grey GTS. Theres 2 red Gen 4's running around here too. 1 belongs to the finance manager of Barbarino's and the other is my friend Nicks.
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    Seeking Garage Queen Gen I Viper

    Keep looking for a 94 or 95. 93's dont have fit and finish issues but they do have parts that you CAN NOT replace like the front suspension. I bought mine with 13k on her and almost completely stock with the addition of a color matched roof and glass windows. It had to have AC and I can tell you...
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    My DIY twin turbo build..

    Cant wait to see how this works out! :D
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    sick of winter . . .

    I was sick of winter in Oct! Now I'm about to go postal on Mother Nature! :D
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    Gen 2 Edelbrock headers

    Those were $1400 a couple weeks ago!!!
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    Who got snow?

    Had my Viper outside my shop to work on a customers car for 8 hours. I never stopped to check what was going on outside while I worked.... First (and only) time I had to clear snow off her before bringing her back inside. Luckily the ground didnt accumulate or I wouldnt have been able to get her...
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    I dont have a garage at my house but I have a 6 car garage less than 2 miles from my house where my baby sleeps unless she's home with me for the night. Next house will have a huge garage or at least enough land to build one. :)
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    WOW WOW AND WOW!!! oh to have money and love to spend it too....
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    1994 Hard Top

    Correction it is an AP top from Mach 7 Motorsports. Does anyone have a used 3 piece they want to sell?? :)
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    Eldelbrook Headers for a 2000 GTS

    here ya go. They don't work on Gen 1 or I would buy them. DODGE VIPER EDELBROCK HEADERS:eBay Motors (item 280415733274 end time Nov-03-09 09:20:27 PST)
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    NY/CT Annual Holiday Party: Dec. 12, 2009

    I'll be sending my check out on this wed. Count me in!!!
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    1994 Hard Top

    I have the Mach 7 one piece hard top on my car and I love the low profile and seemless look! It looks like it came from the factory not an after thought. I will be getting the three piece version very soon so I will be able to put the top in the trunk when I want to (one piece cant do it and...
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    The Ugly Viper made it 1400 miles to Florida with no problems!

    Did that today and your right!! Stopping for lunch in Ft. Lauderdale before we continue to the keys tomorrow. Thanks Joe!
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    The Ugly Viper made it 1400 miles to Florida with no problems!

    more to come after getting to the Keys tomorrow.
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    The Ugly Viper made it 1400 miles to Florida with no problems!

    here some pics here where my buddys car broke down in SC and heres us waiting for 2 hours for the tow truck towed finally!! back on the road again after I changed the thermostat Cleaning the cars after arriving in Port St Lucie FL.
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    Oh I'm off to see the...

    what Magnum do you have that gets that milage??? I've got the SXT AWD and get **** for milage. JD
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    Took RT Out For Ride Last Night...Top Off, Great!

    I'm down in Florida now and loving every minute of it! I refuse to take the top off unless the sun goes down for fear of being cooked to the seats of the car! Thank god for the AC in my car. Glad I didnt buy one without it!!
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    No more wimpy horn!

    my horns are mounted on either side of my radiator behind the front bumper cover which has to come off. but like I said mine isn't held on by much due to the upcoming painting project.
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    18/19" Wheel Combo on Gen1 RT - Will it work?

    I'm currently running the 18/19 wheels on my Gen 1. Works great with no issue except for the wheels being grossly heavier than the stock fan wheels!
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    The Ugly Viper made it 1400 miles to Florida with no problems!

    Sent you a PM with my number. give me a call. We would love to stop by. JD
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    Damaging some ego's maybe

    I can ignore like the next guy except for the **** that almost took my bumper off today while he jumped from the far right lane across my lane (middle) to the fast lane without so much as a signal on. He got a very stern talking to by me from the window of my car. I think he had to change his...
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    The Ugly Viper made it 1400 miles to Florida with no problems!

    So my buddies and I decided to drive two Vettes and my Viper to the southern tip of America together. Sounded like a blast when we planned it. I have to say that I'm not uncomfortable at all in my car even after 12 hours at a clip of driving! I did have to start using my left foot on the...
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    No more wimpy horn!

    Sorry for the delay guys. I don't have part numbers because I took them off a crashed ram myself and cut the rams factory harness off. I used the stock brackets from my horns and all I had to do is drill the hole out on the bracket a little bigger for the new horns stud. I cut and soldered the...