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    Variant 2 = wow

    all I can say is.... wow. Like a new ride!!
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    MMMMMMMMM new parts

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    Dial in KWs

    If anyone can make suggestions on the settings that worked for them on their Gen 2s with KW variant 2 upgrade I would be appreciative. Typical Viper steet and highway driving. (within the law 'most' of the time) thanks
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    These are 99-00 ACR Konis... right?

    And can the mounting hardware still be had??
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    ViperpartsLarry? reviews?

    searched first. Potentially purchasing used and new parts.... experiences please.
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    recommend an alignment shop in Calgary Area

    Changing up my ride heights and want to do an alignment and balance my BBS wheels; who would you recommend?
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    back in the know? Indy?

    so computer crashed, lost most, what is the update on Edmonton and Indy???
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    Quick 2001 GTS question.

    and I did search; got new radar detector. ordering mirror mount and was going to order invisicord after reading the threads. Car is not available to me to look at the moment; Before I order ( as I don't remember seeing it) is my rear view mirror powered or not? See threads from guys with...
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    fog light replacement 2001 GTS help

    Any tips, just got the light assembly today.... can the passenger side be done without fascia removal....???
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    Cool, my car (and others) in Viper Magazine!

    Thanks for the write-up submission and pics Jim. This the pic and my new desktop.:2tu::drive::drive:
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    Good Bye summer

    you were alright....
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    Wow, this is getting boring

    have we found another place to hang out? Or are we all just too busy? Or just doin our own thing? :confused:
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    Where we going tomorrow?

    Days are slipping away.... supposed to be beauty tomorrow. Hate to go solo.....
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    Headlight bulb help please

    So, I have a burnt out bulb.... I go to the store and get a replacement; Sylvania 9006. Go to change it out and notice I have Sylvania 9005s in both sides. Go back to store thinking sold wrong part... nope the book calls for 9006s..... So do a few web sites I checked. The wattage is 60w on...
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    E brake handle travel

    Have Daves big brake kit on my car. To hold the car, the e brake handle needs to be pulled up to a point that it always pulls the boot partially out of place at the front. No biggy but it ****** me off. Reading the manual, appears there is no adjustment. Can't find my install instructions for...
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    Corsa done

    Know there's an exhaust clip thread but I thought i would let the western crew know I'm tinkering. Hope it sounds better on your computer speakers than it does on mine. Sounds pretty good live but much different than the Randomtech; that I really liked fron the outside but was losing my hearing...
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    side sill protection

    The new tires blasted the paint off my sills and they will be going for a repaint here shortly. Will 3M protection stay on the sill or will it melt/bubble? Have hi-flos and side sill "gills". They only get hot when I shut down after a drive. :dunno::dunno:
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    another nifty lift usage..exhaust removal

    As I have sold my take-off exhaust, it was stuck together like it was welded but I didn't want to beat on it..... pull it apart... minor tapping at the joints...boing.. badda bing:D
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    So..... Alberta boys how was it?

    Either you're not back yet and still having fun, or you're whipped or you just don't feel like sharing your SLC pics... Some of us had to work and think about you lucky buggers down there..........
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    IF I change out my Randomtech ?

    Before SLC. Who wants it and how much can I get for it? Cat back. Just throwing it out there:dunno:
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    Plastic wrap on frame purpose?

    On my frame rails directly under the upward supports for the motor mounts are 2 clear plastic sheets glued to the frame strategically to cover 4 holes in the frame. Is that their purpose? Or are they some leftover things from assembly line. If their pupose was just to plug the holes... why...
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    All I can say is OMG!!!

    DODGE VIPER in CALGARY, AB - Vehicle Details - AutoTrader Schwing:omg:
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    Black cars, black cars look better in the shade

    so do sapphire.. sorry I'm bored
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    This Saturday???

    What's up... supposed to be a nice day :drive::drive::drive: ??????