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    1/2 Mile Roll Racing 2 day event March 29th and 30th

    Just got an email from the boys at Omega Motorsport. They are putting on a two day 1/2 mile roll racing event the weekend of March 29th and 30th. I've done their events in the past and they are very well run with lots of amenities (food vendors on site, race fuel on site, and my wife's favorite...
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    Private track day rental Buttonwillow Feb 28th

    For those wanting to track their Viper or other track toy, Omega Motorsport is putting on a private track day rental at Buttonwillow Raceway Park on February 28th. The event is limited to 25 cars and costs $275.00 per car. This means you can have multiple drivers per one car if you want. I've...
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    Tire rotation for track tires on a non Viper car

    I'm running Nitto NT01's on my track Mustang, 275/40/17's and same offset wheels all around. The Nitto's are not directional but do have an label on one side of the sidewall that states "OUTSIDE". When rotating tires, should they be rotated diagonally or front to back to get the most even wear...
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    So, is this the reason the Gen 4 codes are not being released??

    Just got done watching the show "Viper: Soul Survivor" and really enjoyed it. During the interviews, they one thing that caught my attention was an engineer from Zytek Automotive from the UK. He was in charge of calibrating the engine management system for the GTS-R and or Gen 5 IIRC...
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    Gen 5 Viper lifting tire during Motor Week test??

    Just watched the awesome review that Motorweek did on the new Gen 5. I think those guys actually get it. One thing I noticed was how much the passenger side rear tire was coming off the ground when making right turns, not completely off the ground but I would guess about 50% of the outer...
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    Would any automobile manufacturer dare compete in this test?

    I enjoy seeing comparison tests, lap times, 1/4 mile times, etc just as much as the next guy. Although these results give us an idea of the cars performance potential, what I really care most about is on track the car can handle a roadcourse. Drag strip times and top speed are...
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    I HATE LED LIGHTS...designers, please stop the insanity!!

    Ok, so the Audi R8 come out with what at the time looked like cool LED trim lights around the headlight bucket. New, fresh, different. But, just because it was the rage 2 or 3 years ago, I don't think every car should have these array's of LED's flanking the damn headlight buckets. I just...
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    Wheel spacer question regarding change in spring rate??

    When using a wheel spacer, what effect if any does widening the track have on the actual spring rate of the car. I'm guessing since you're moving the leverage out further, it will compress the spring easier. Does anybody have a math formula to answer this? Will adding 1/2" width per side even be...
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    Monday we find out who is faster at Laguna Seca, ZR1 or Gen V

    Just saw this posted on the Motortrend site: They'll let us know who has the new Laguna Seca record on Monday!! Cheers, George
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    Oil pressure and Oil Temp gauges, mechanical or electric?

    On a Gen 4, are the oil temp and oil pressure gauges electronic or mechanical? Are they tied into the vehicles computer and can they be read with the correct scan tool? Thanks, George
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    Luke @ Tirerack, question regarding Tire Totes

    Hi Luke, Your tire totes show they can handle up to a 295 section width. Will they work with our 345 rear tires on a 19" rim or is there just not enough material for that? Thanks, George
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    SAE 5W-40 Motor Oil for the Gen V??

    I might of missed this in earlier specifications, but I noticed in the Road and Track Video of the Gen V, the motor oil cap now is stamped SAE 5W-40 with no brand name recommendation. It only recommends "synthetic". I wonder if this will change by the time the car hits production? I use 5W-40...
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    Gen 4 Drive By Wire Band-Aid Fix....Sort Of

    Since the Gen 4 came out, many have complained or at least commented on the throttle response on tip in. I've owned multiple cars with DBW and the Viper is the one most frustrating in regards to throttle feel. I've tried to find a fix and so far the result has been better, but not right IMO. If...
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    Junkman, waterspot question

    Hey Junkman, I did a paint correction on a black 2005 Excursion about 4 weeks ago. Used Megs 105/205 combo with a PC. The biggest problem is the hood had a lot of waterspots (might be etched into the paint, not sure but they were bad) and after doing the hood, I thougth it look really, really...
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    Walmart, your new paint correction supplier!!

    Went to a Walmart superstore in Dixon, Ca and was shocked to see a 3 step buffing pad system and DA buffer from Mequiars (looked like a Porter Cable). They also stocked the Professional line of their cutting and polishing compounds (like 105 and 205). Nice assortment of packing plates and other...
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    What differential is in the Gen 5?

    Does anybody know what differential is going to be used in the Gen 5? I figured it was using something special, possibly an active diff since Ralph said the rear scoops were for the differential cooler. An active diff, if set up correctly could be controlled and programmed for different...
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    Can somebody photoshop the front LED turn signals so both are on?

    I was watching some of the online videos of the Gen 5 and noticed when the turn signals were used, the "eyebrow" turn signals above the headlights give it a very defined look. Can somebody photoshop the Gen 5 with both top rows of LED's lit so we can see if this gives it a better look than...
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    What is the push button switch in the battery tray for?

    Put a new battery in the car tonight and noticed a black round spring loaded switch on the drivers side of the battery tray. What is this switch for? Did a search and found pictures of it but not what its function is. Cheers, George
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    Mopar Competition 800 hp drag motor wins Baja 1000

    Just got a press release from SEMA....3 weeks after being exhibited at the SEMA Show, the 800 hp V10 drag race motor wins in Class 8, driven by Kent Kroeker of Kroeker Off Road Engineering. They finished the 700 mile race in a little over 20 hours. Congrats and a nice showing for the new...
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    Valve cover paint code for a Gen4 ??

    I've searched and see that the valve covers are powder coated, but does anybody know or have a paint code for our color red? Best case scenario would be a powder coating paint code or number to match the stock red setup. Thanks, George
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    Japan Viper Club members that need to get out

    Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. If any Japan Viper Club members need somewhere to stay, please know that we can host at least one family (either in our home or put you in a local hotel). We are just outside of San Francisco. Anything we can do to help while you are here, consider...
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    Brake dust repellent....Does it exist??

    Has anybody tried the ArmorAll or equivalent product that is suppose to make brake dust not stick to the wheels as much and wash off easier? Armorall claims the product works up to 4 weeks....that doesn't sound like a very long coating of protection to me. Wifes ML550 coats the fronts in...
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    Chrysler employees drinking & smoking *** on lunch break

    Oh boy :( Fox News on right now and a news reporter busts a group of Chrysler employees on their lunch break drinking and smoking *** under a tree. As the employees scurry away, the reporter keeps asking the group "you gonna go build cars now?" :rolaugh: Although it was funny to...
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    Junkman...have you used this product??

    Good Day, Have you got any experience with a product called MicroFuse towels? They come on a roll and look like white paper towels with a very fine texture to them. Made by Carrand company. I usually have a large assortment of microfiber towels for wiping, polishing etc. But when I...
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    Best Freak'n Car Commercial EVER!! Go Dodge!!

    Just sat down to watch the ACRX race on Versus and what do I see, but the most original, bad ***, kick *** car commercial I think I've ever seen. Nothing like seeing George Washington charging at you in a Dodge Challenger!! Power and freedom, I like the concept :usa: :usa::usa: Very...