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    Winter storage

    Hi, I am not parking the car for the winter yet, but sadly the idea is in the back of my mind. Usually, I put the thing in my carcoon and hook up the tender that came with it, and that is it. The air is always flowing, so I put the windows down so there is fresh air and not musky **** over the...
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    Dukes of Hazzard commercial with Gen 5 viper.

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I haven't seen it posted here
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    Picture request

    I was wondering if anyone has a picture of all the Gen Vipers together (And cobra would be an added bonus). One that is more professionally taken is preferred (not having people in car shows walking by, etc). I wouldnt mind getting a nice one to put in my garage, but the google-box didn't give...
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    how have the sales been since price drop?

    As the topic says...I want the Viper to live and I hope the sales will help
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    Leather dye on seats/viper emblem embroydery

    Hey, I have seen a number of people's interiors and the centre section of their seat is dyed the same color as their car, and some have the viper emblem embroydered in the top part. I am looking to do this to my 98 GTS as well, but I am wanting some info from people. First, I called a local...
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    Tire pressure

    Hey I have 2008 SRT rims on my 98, and I was just wondering what is the proper pressure to keep it at for daily driving. I dont do any track or drag racing so I am just needing to know for the street. I dont know why but I try to keep my vehicles tires at 36, but I bought the viper rims/tires...
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    Looking for a set of 03-10 centre caps

    Does anybody have a good set of 4?
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    Less than responsive throttle

    Hey, this has just happened recently, but I think there is something up with the throttle (or at least thats what Im blaming it on). It's like unless it's high RPM, the throttle doesn't respond well...sometimes it looks as though i'm rabbit hopping it around, and when you stomp on it it chugs...
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    lower priced rims for a Gen II GTS

    Hey guys, I am currently wanting to get a new set of wheels. In all honesty I love the look of the SRT 5 star (sidewinder?) and 6 spoke on the GTS, so I am leaning towards that. I was wondering if there are any other manufacturers that are priced pretty much the same as what I can get the...
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    Highway driving questions/smell

    hey, I have started to highway drive my viper a lot. When I punch it to pass, i smell something. It doesn't smell like fart, or gas...just smells like motor. Is this normal, or because it isn't running right, or because I drive it too easy?
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    Vibrating ignition column

    Hey, I was wondering what tips/tricks anyone has to prevent vibration of the plastic around the ignition column. It just started vibrating when I let off the gas, and I don't like it. I remember I had this before in my mustang, and i accidentally broke the plastic pieces which made me have to...
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    Does anyone want the 98 RT/GTS repair manual in pdf?

    Hey, I ordered the repair manual on CD, and it's in pdf format. I know some people would be guessing it would be relatively close with other Gen 2 years as well. Its not just the basic repair manual, but it includes the Body, Chassis, Engine, Drivetrain & Electrical Wiring...
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    2 check engine codes

    Break it to me gently. What is wrong?
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    Passenger window not going down

    Hey, yesterday i tried to put the passenger window down, and it goes down about half an inch than stops. More of a something in the way type clunk, and not really a window motor not working. I took the panel off and everything seems normal. I felt the plastic part that goes up and down the...
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    What factory 18/19 inch wheels do you have for sale?

    Hey guys, I was wanting to get some new wheels for the GTS. Unfortunately, unlike some here, I do not make 7 figures a year so I am thinking I will have to stick with a set of factory wheels from an SRT. I would prefer them with tires, but from what I see here,sometimes it is cheaper to buy the...
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    taking out spare

    Is there any real benefit to taking out the spare? I assume being 15 years old the tire is crapped anyway. Weight savings in the rear?
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    How to tell what half-shaft I have

    I was under the car yesterday finishing my exhaust. Anyway I looked at the half shafts and one was a nicely slick black one and the other was kind of rusty brown. I am guessing both of them are stock, but it is odd that one is so different than the other. I didnt see any sticker on the nice...
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    Why is this ebay B&W GTS so cheap?

    can anyone explain why the buy it now price is $23K?
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    pre-season start

    hi, i am insuring my viper for april 1. I haven't started it since the end of October. What should I do before starting/driving it?
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    9 Second 1/4 mile

    What is the best route to go 9 seconds in the 1/4? Will a s/c do that? or only TT? Obviously it depends on the driver, but what is the typical HP required to do it?
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    front blinker change.

    hey, i was wondering if there is a relatively simple way to change the front blinker without taking too much apart. Where do we get access?
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    different brand of headers and HP/TQ gains

    hi, i saw an archived thread a while back what showed dyno comparisons to the different headers on the Gen II. I would like to read it again but cant find it. Does anyone know what I am talking about and where it would be
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    low idle

    hi, i know there was a thread on this before, but i cant find it anymore. my viper idles at 500rpm which i was told was low. i was advised to clean out something that was on the driver's side (i think) of the throttle body. anybody know what in the world i am talking about, and what other...
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    Going price for H-spokes with decent tires?

    As the title says. I am feeling out the market for a used set of factory rims...
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    Is this the viper stanchion weatherstripping?

    Hey, I had an episode early last summer. I decided to take the viper on to a touchless carwash, which normally I wouldnt do but i wanted the underbody washed for the first time since i owned it. Shortly after doing the carwash, that platic piece that helps the window go up and down broke. I'm...