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    Lemke hardtop 6000$

    It's for Gen 1 New, On the original primer, never painted
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    Lemke hardtop 6000$

    Hi, My friend has a new Lemke 3 piece Hartop with the center top scoop, with pivoting glass window. He is willing to sell for $5,500
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    Good price on Gen 5 Corsa

    Partsrack for 1095 Call jonB
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    Corsa exhaust

    Seems like it takes forever to get any real hard facts about any new mods....only speculations left and right
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    Reminder regarding updated programming/flashes.

    Thanks Bob Got a call today from my Dealer telling me that there's a radio update program to be done for my car. They said it's not a recall yet, but an update to all 2013 Vipers
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    Corsa exhaust

    I have the Corsa and love it, it's one step louder and deeper than stock, but not obnoxious.
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    Is Gen 5 more suitable as a daily driver than Gen 4?

    Having driven a Gen4 Vert for 4 years as a summer DD and now a Gen5 GTS since august, I can say the 5 is a much better DD car. Altough the Gen4 was pure joy on a weekend run, I would sometimes get heavy traffic for 1 1/2 hours during the week on a hot day and get home exhausted from the cabin...
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    2014 srt 12 speaker stereo

    got the 18 speakers radio, but the Corsa has all the music I need !
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    Rain mode

    Something's wrong here, my 2013 did not come with Cylinder deactivation and Stop/Start technology
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    Owner support and comfort after break-in

    6'- 230 here, seat felt fine from day one, once I lowered it 1" by removing the bump stops over the back tracks. Pedals are moved all the way closer to me, seat all the way down and than forward about 2". No complaints from my wife either after some 3 hour rides.
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    how would you build your GEN V viper?

    I think you've nailed it for the best Value/Performance set-up that would move quickly. Although I would still pay the extra money and reorder my same White GTS with Track pak and Sepia int and 18 speakers + I'd add the now available aero pack
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    Can anyone confirm these part numbers for me?

    I also got a set coming. Paid $2,395 from Partsrack
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    Traded in GTR for new Viper!

    Drove mine all day yesterday in the city in 40F weather, with my son talking buisness through traffic jams, potholes, detours, getting phone calls and text messages....almost forgot I was driving a Viper, but people taking pics all over the place kept reminding me of the car...when needed, it...
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    Let's be real, what would it take? Only short answers please

    Fast forward to 2023 : " C'mon FIATSRT I'd like to have my Gen 7 in coupe please.....and add a Turbo to the V6 "
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    Traded in GTR for new Viper!

    WOW ! What a lovely Viper ! Congrats !
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    The Queen Bee Has Landed!!

    Congrats ! Old Vettes and new Viper.......Great combo!
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    SRT vs GTS vs TA

    Should not be a problem as its louder but not that much more. Probably a similar sound increase as when changing the stock Cats for some High flow ones. Or think of it as a regular aftermarket catback exhaust with reduced drone. You'll love it !
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    SRT vs GTS vs TA

    Hey Todd, How's this for a fast response ? Yes, I really like my Corsa exhaust and would not go back to the OE one, but it's not totally drone free, as you still get some at various point in the rpm, sometimes depending on how much pressure you put on the gas pedal. Hard to explain exactly but...
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    SCT for the Gen 5

    Thanks for all the info Dan, I'm a potential futur customer for Gen5 boost and would have great confidence that you will come up with a high quality product. Keep us posted
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    Let's be real, what would it take? Only short answers please

    Wider rear fenders and unlocked PCM After dirving and loving my GTS for almost 3 months now, I was able to fix /upgrade a few things that, for me, would make the car better suit my taste. 1- Seats were too high, so I removed the 1" stoppers : problem solved, I now have better vision and sit...
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    The very best Viper ever built !!

    Your White Vert is really gorgeous !
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    World's First Gen 5 Viper Twin Turbo By RSI

    I'm quite sure Marylin would approve of a little surgery for some more boost in her futur !