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    Vette/Viper Challenge Atco, New Jersey

    here it is ladies. the vette/viper challenge November 13th in Atco, New Jersey. So, for those of you who arent Garage queens and Dynogirls heres what its all about; racing and competition cmon out AND PLAY.
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    Clutch FW compatibility

    this year I have been sticing with stock/stock setup. considering trying some aftermarket combos again though. I have a RPS alum four puck FW; Im considering a spec2 clutch? any input
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    who is the "main man" to contact for the VCA nationally??
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    most accurate way to monitor AF

    i want to have something so i can monitor my AF while driving/racing . an autometer AF guage or something like vec1 led display?? whats the best most accurate for in the cockpit
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    typically ive got 93 octane in my car. since ive heads/cam/nitrous, is it worth running racegas on the track?? if so, what ratio/amount and what octane
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    Wideband O2 Sensor and AF Meter

    Im not content with the dyno. i feel more can be gotten out of this bucket. Im looking to buy an AF meter working off wideband O2 sensor that can be used while driving to tune engine optimumly for nitrous and for naturally aspirated any suggestions
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    NOS Purge Solenoid Question

    the NOS brand purge solenoids. they have a filter in them. im assuming this filter somewhat restricts the flow (in addition to their main purpose)which thereby reduces attainable HP. I removed my purge solenoid altogether today (since the cheap shiit broke in Topeka) and hooked the feed line up...
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    This weekend, saturday; Vette/Viper shootout. part of a larger NSCA event. quaker city raceway in salem ohio so far, vipers allegedly coming to lay the beat on the vette are; simms V10 MOJO Dr Roof Jack Bene pauls wv98gts and hopefully more will show, we need...
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    alotta people dragging asss! this event isnt gonna pay for itself. if you plan on going, then up the damn buck and a half and get that money in. Roof is short as of today and this track isnt gonna pay for itself. im suprised not more arent already prepaid; one of the best damn tracks in the...
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    IM SICK OF THIS SHIIT. i need the bezels that surround the door handle and power lock button on a 99 viper. its the triangular shaped plastic piece. only place ive found that has them was some "alleged" viper parts guru who tried to make me bend over so he could punk me. the fool wanted 150...
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    NGK Plugs

    i just put in a set of NGK plugs, decided to then take this bucket for a spin; this thing is spitting, backfiring and popping like a ******? this normal for NGKs? i wouldnt think so but figured id ask around befroe returning to champions. reason i switched is i need a colder plug sure hope i...
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    May 28-30 Ohio Event

    carshow, dragracing, burnout contests, dyno contest, bikini contest, etc check it out at titled Canfield Steel Valley nationals
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    May 28-30 Ohio event

    carshow, dragracing, burnout contests, dyno contest, bikini contest, etc check it out at titled Canfield Steel Valley nationals
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    Meguiars NXT

    like many posers ive used everything over the years. the meguiars NXT is the best thing out. Ive used it on my 04 H2 (which is black and scratched to **** from off roading) and all my other vehicles and hands down its blown everything else away (sorry Zaino cult; aint wit it) best combo ive...
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    Halfshaft repair

    broke left halfshaft last night at track (***** too cause it was the finals after four hours of racing) im going to replace it myself; ive never replaced/installed a halfshaft, how dificult is it.
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    Coolant adding question

    does it matter whether you add coolant via the coolant pressure bottle or the coolant recovery bottle?
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    Hogan Racing Manifold

    Im considering the cross ram intake by hogans racing manifolds. anyone have any experience with them, this intake, etc
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    CATS. metal vs ceramic

    i currently have randomtech hiflo cats; ceramic substrate. im thinking about "upgrading" to metal. problem is i dont want this bucket any louder. am I SOL? i currently have belanger headers, ceramic cat (randomtech hiflo) and corsa exhaust.
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    Intake Manifold

    upgrade options? ive only sen one and its west coast viper GTS-R for like 12K, not exactly good abng for buck, plus ive heard nightmares about that kind and running right
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    i plan on trying racegas, ive never used it before. input and advice?
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    SRT10 seats

    im looking for a set, anyone??
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    VEC2 field update

    I havent seen a damnn thing on the VEC2 and its results on NA vipers of rquite some time. has there been only ONE car to have done it so far?! the results were nothing short of amazing and itd be nice to see some more results. anyone?
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    anyone else doing the SSCC in september

    Myself and snakebitten (navigator extraodinare') are in for the sept 16-19 SSCC event. 130MPH target speed with a tech at minimum 165mph for the 90 mile roadcourse.
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    VEC2 update

    havent heard anything more on the results, maybe im not paying attention? last post i saw was regarding a NA viper and the results were amazing. any more good input since then??
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    OK, I am soon goin to be needing a rollbar for my RT10. i am now concerned about the available rollbars and their capability to deliver as promised what seems to be a point of debate are three things -fit under hard/soft top properly? -no interference with seat travel? -install properly...