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    Emerald Green Vipers - Post your cars plz!

    I have a 95 with Tan interior as well if it has a black Dash they only build 9 I was told with tan , Black Dash most had gray dash.
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    two car trailer

    Drive you car it will be the most fun get a group from your area and all go together.
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    Update...where to find Mobil 1 at the best price?

    Napa always has deals on Mobil 1
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    anyone have trouble putting gas in their Viper?

    I have the same problem with my 08 just need to fill very slow some times filling with the handle up side down also works
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    New VCA member! 09 ACR

    Awesome color enjoy the new toy.
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    Weather Short driving season
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    Glen Back in Wedding is on Saturday though the event was Saturday not sunday so Add one more Viper to the event. Also XL T shirt if you can
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    Glen found out have to go to a wedding
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    Price very fair, full service and clean up no work for the members, Look at what Glen and Maria do to host the event, Money out of there pocket I am sure , we own vipers! look at what it cost to go out to eat for steak and Lobster, and I feel we should pay for all our events and keep the funds...
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    Glen No problem at all paying for the event $100.00 is well worth it. And no clean up or working just have a great time with all the members and our friends. We do own viper's!!!, and paying for our events should be no issue, Don't know why some are making such a big deal out of it...
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    Swap gen 1 cassette player for genIi CD player?

    Different amp and wiring can't just change the head unit
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    NEVCA - Gun Shoot - June 29th

    Awesome day words can not say how great this event and the day was. Thanks Mark and Francine, Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Air Force Master Blaster vs. the Electric Leaf Blower

    Have a master blaster it is awesome was only like $250.00 on line once you use you would never use a leaf blower again
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    Debris under the intake manifold

    i used a small hose off my large shop vac house tape the two together and worked great.
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    Here's a 2013 with no markup...

    Seems like the deals will be soon lotS of cars available
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    Viper delivery/ transport

    Less is not the best I have tried others and found intercity the best
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    Need **** garage floor to match Viper

    I have race deck and no problems it is a little slick when wet
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    Viper Bicycle

    I have one new in box would sell for $350.00
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    NEVCA - Gloucester Cruise, Cook Out, & Toys- May 5th

    Awesome day and awesome cruise I thnk there where like 40 cars total and the garage was awesome thanks to Martin and dominique and her parents
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    NEVCA - Dyno Day - April 28th (Sunday)

    Great time as always with the nevca
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    Viper delivery/ transport

    Intercity and chuck used both and both awesome
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    Inspection fail - what to do

    I am in nh have no issues as long as there are no lithe on schould be no issue in nh
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    Need Help Deciding

    Gen 4 all the way
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    Trailering a 2008 Viper?

    Have a hauler pick up and deliver for you like intercity or passport