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    Used AMB 260 Transponders?

    I'm looking for 2 of the hardwired versions. I'll have to buy them in the next week or so, but thought I'd try here first. Having access to mylaps is really no big deal to me, as we've already got full Traqmate systems in both cars. I just hate to shell out almost another grand for these.
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    Some Thunder Roadster fun at Roebling

    Just got back from a weekend at Roebling with Flatout. We took the TR's down there to learn the track and se how we'd do. This is just the first raw vid from my front facing camera, but trying to get all of the PIP with the rear view and Traqmate data overlaid might take a little while...
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    Track Days in Savannah @ Roebling Road 8/17-18

    Track Days in Savannah @ Roebling Road--8/17 & 8/18 August 17 at 8:00am until August 18 at 5:00pm So far, 3 Vipers are already signed up. 2 days on Roebling Raceway only with only 60 cars total. Roebling is 2.02 miles long and has a 103db sound limit. The fee for an entire weekend of...
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    Viper: Soul Survivor on SPEED NOW!!!!

    Not sure if this is re-post, and I don't want to take the time to look through everything right now, but SPEED channel is running a special on the history and return of the Viper (racing and street).
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    Spare half-shaft laying around?

    I've got a problem that's been driving me crazy, and after talking with some people this past weekend at RA, it might be my half-shaft that's the problem. My axle seal on the passenger side of my diff has been leaking since towards the end of last year. While I was getting the ******...
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    Gen V GTS Pace Car for the NARRA event at Road Atlanta this weekend!!!!

    I just got word that the pace car this weekend will be a new GTS. I'm pumped since I haven't seen one in person yet. Anybody who was thinking about coming to just watch and hang-out, maybe this will bring you around. :) I can't name my source (but he is the official pace car driver for...
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    NARRA...Road Atlanta...April 12-14, 2013

    Just putting reminder out there to "save the date" for this event. We had a decent turn out last year with Vipers from GA and many other states as well, but not a lot of actual participants. If we can get some more people to register and drive this year, we should be able to get some pretty...
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    High lead content in my oil analysis?

    I've taken apart and put back together most everything on the car by now, but I have not been inside the engine myself, so I need some help from you more experienced guys. I send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs at each oil change and I have a concern that I'm hoping someone can help me with...
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    315 R6's up front on stock Gen III wheels?

    Does anybody run 315's up front on the stock Gen III wheels? I've been running 295's, but shredded them both at my last track day and just wondering if 315's would give me issues. Car has stock suspension.
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    R6 vs A6

    I know this has been discussed before, but after some more reading, I wanted to get some people's perspective that have run both on road courses. I know the A's are stickier and get to temp faster than the R's, and because of that, they also get greasy faster after longer runs. I have been...
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    Reverse lights always on???

    I just happened to notice that my back-up lights are on at all times. I had the ****** replaced recently and the new one just had a plug where the old skip-shift used to go, so I bought one of the eliminator plugs and plugged it up to take care of the check engine light. I know there is also...
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    Road Atlanta with Chin Motorpsorts on Nov 24/25

    Alright guys, It's getting lonely going to the track all the time and being the only Viper! Bob, there's no "racing" group, but if you or the boys just want to come have fun with a lot of track time, here's your chance! The last Chin event for the year at Road Atlanta is the Sat and Sun...
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    Road Atlanta on Nov 24/25 with Chin Motorsports

    Alright guys, It's getting lonely going to the track all the time and being the only Viper! Todd, I know you've got the Mustang ready to go. Get your **** down here! ;) Joel, if the Dr clears you, I better see you also! The last Chin event for the year at Road Atlanta is the Sat and Sun...
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    Chin Motorsports at Road Atlanta - Nov 24/25

    Alright guys, It's getting lonely going to the track all the time and being the only Viper! ;) The last Chin event for the year at Road Atlanta is the Sat and Sun after Thanksgiving. Come burn off that tryptophan from turkey day! I know I have talked about it before, but the amount of...
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    Plumbing your catch-can back to the oil pan?

    I've had the catch-can on my car for a while now and I installed a tube running to the bottom of the car with a drain valve on it to make it easy to empty. I was reading on some track forums where people have tapped their oil pan and just run a line directly from the bottom of their catch can...
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    First 1/4 mile pass in the Viper

    I went down to NOPI on Sat just to hang out and be in the "car show". While I was watching some runs, they came over the PA and said anyone entered in the show could come run for free. They pretty much called out everyone in the "exotic" section of the show to get out there. Somehow, my...
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    Rockland Gears Tranzilla T-56...WOW!!!

    As most of you know I blew my trans at Road Atlanta last month. After talking to some places and getting costs, I decided to go with the Tranzilla Viper trans from Rockland Gears. HOLY ****!!! THIS THING IS AWESOME!!! It's a "built" transmission and while I obviously haven't had a chance...
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    Keep the Twitter **** out of the "New Posts" category!
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    Blocking threads/posts by VCA Twitter?

    OK, I put VCA Twitter on my ignore list, but when I go to New Posts, it's all still littered with post after post of **** from Twitter feeds. Is there a way to completely block seeing any posts or threads started from this stupid thing? I want to hit New Posts and read through the list to...
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    Time for a new transmission...

    Well, made it through this weekend without any contact with anything. Unfortunately, I didn't make it through without any incidents. I ran all day Saturday and on the first run this morning, I got a few laps in before the transmission let go. I came out of 7 onto the back straight and right...
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    NT05 vs Supersports?

    I know I've asked this before, but it was when the SS's first came out. Now that they've been out for a while, has anybody tried them that has also tried the NT05's? I'm thinking of possibly ditching the Invo's and I'm curious. VPA has the full set of NT05's for just over $1100, so it's...
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    Need some power steering help aaasssaaappp!!!!!!!

    OK guys, I know there are threads on this and I'm working my through them, but time is a MAJOR issue on this, so hopefully someone can get me some info form the attached pics. I'm supposed to be at the track next weekend, and I really like to have this fixed before I go. That's why I need some...
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    Road Atlanta 8/26-8/26. Who's in?

    Chin Motorsports is back at RA in a few weeks. Anybody want to come run? Now that I have run with them, I can say first-hand that they are great to run with. A lot less cars on the track and 90% of the cars out there are pretty fast cars (tons of 911T, GT3, etc), so the traffic moves really...
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    Road Atlanta 7/28-7/29 with Chin Motorsports?

    Is anyone form here going? I see 1 other Viper listed, and I'm about to sign up, but it would be nice to know some people there. The beginner group is already full, but there is still space for people with track experience in the solo groups. I haven't run with Chin before, but from what...
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    Free Tires!!!

    I've had a set of tires on my old rims sitting around the garage for a while. I just bought a set of R6's to go on the rims to use at the track, so I took the old tires off and just wanted to see if anybody had any use for them before I throw them away. I have 2 rear PS2's (345/30/19) that are...