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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    " lets use this opportunity to hear more feedback from that target demographic that didn't pull the trigger." I had a 2013 on order but changed my mind and bought an Audi R8 V10 instead. The two main reasons were one: I felt that for the money the GenV should be more all new and less a reworked...
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    Car&Driver:ZR1 beats the Viper...again

    "I'm no delicatessen owner either, but the rear of that ZR1 looks like it got sliced a peice of bologna. I'm buying my Gen V for its looks, style and uniqueness...which obviously leaves out ALL Corvettes, Wursts and Ricer's." :) I looked at the Z06 and ZR1 more than once before...
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    Cars on order

    That's correct $1000.00 for the stereo upgrade on a GTS (canadian). What can I say, I like my tunes.:)
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    Cars on order

    Ok I'm in, GTS Gunmetal no stripes. Black/Caramel interior 18 Spkr stero upgrade Track Pack Car Cover Now to wait and anticipate! Len
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    Vipers begin delivery by end of February

    " They are deliberately maintaining a slow pace of manufacting to ensure high quality." That sounds great, expecting mine will take some time but it will be worth it. "The new Chrysler is not like of old, and we see that with the quality coming out on the new Jeep, Rams, Chryslers" Bill...
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    Viper ordering Canada

    55? I thought orders were not open in Canada yet? I have a deposit down but have yet to hear anything. Hope it's soon.
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    Next question. What are you choosing for exterior and interior color combinations?

    Re: Next question. What are you choosing for exterior and interior color combinations Shadow Blue Pearl GTS, black interior, track pac with Hyper Black wheels.
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    Anyone seen the new Forza Horizon commercial????

    Saw it last night, said to the wife "Hey there's the Gen V"! Pretty cool.
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    Washing the Gen IV without getting the engine wet, etc.?

    The other thing is the hood pad getting wet. Which will stain with the soap/water residue.
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    My personal impressions of the Gen V

    I also noticed the "gaps" on the rear hatch. It maybe early yet but I thought I read they were going to try and improve that part of the build quality? Overall I like the look of the GenV but like many I am waiting to see it in person.
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    Blue Steel GEN V with OZ racing wheels...

    Yes, just seeing all these photoshops in different colors and stripes makes a huge difference. Can't wait to see the GenV for real!
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    New 2013 Viper looks like a "Chick Car"

    I like what I see so far but in the flesh will be the test. The base model hood and wheels are doing it for me right now!!
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    Dodge better bring the rain!

    We were proud owners of a 2008 SSG coupe, sold it and bought a 2011 GT500. It is apples and oranges. I have added about 200 flywheel hp for $4800, fun and easy to mod (~750hp). (will smoke tires on a whim if that's what you want) This tank will corner good for what it is, but it's no Viper...
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    Motor Trend- "Great Snakes" Article

    Thanks for posting, the article really shows how the Viper is based on passion.
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    09 GTS Blue ACR

    Looks fantastic. I believe the other car is at Islington Chrysler in Etobicoke Ont, Canada.
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    Cruise this Saturday *Updated with Pics*

    Re: Cruise this Saturday Fantastic people, weather and scenery. We had a great time!
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    08 Power steering noise?

    Added some PS fluid a little over the full mark and went for drive. It seems to have done the trick but would also like to drive a couple more times to be 100% sure. Thanks Roadrunner for the suggestion.:2tu: Len
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    08 Power steering noise?

    That's a few of us with the same issue, sure there is more out there. Mark have you come across this at the dealership?? Would like to find out as much as possible befor I bring it in. Thanks, Len
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    08 Power steering noise?

    Yeah same here, not all the time but I think it is getting more frequent.
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    08 Power steering noise?

    Thanks, The fluid level is good. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this? Maybe not cause havn't seen any other posts that are similar? Len
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    08 Power steering noise?

    My power steering makes a buzzing noise on sharp right hand turns. It sounds like the pressure limit valve. Three times on long road trips when I stop for gas and come to a stop at the pump it it buzzing constantly. After shutting down and restarting the buzz is gone. The steering feels...
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    Finally it's here... 09 SSG Conv. 56K beware...

    Wow, really sharp! Those wheels look great, maybe I'll have to trade some H-spokes for those some day? Congrats.
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    Something different....

    While doing some errands yesterday I spotted a C5 Z06 painted SSG going the other directiion. Not sure what to think, would have to see close up. A compliment to the color I guess?? (sorry no pics) Len
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    Jeff Lemke Hardtop on 08

    That is beautiful, I also think that roof line should be the coupe.