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    Most & Least expensive cars to insure

    We made the list Most and Least Expensive Cars to Insure- Yahoo! Autos Article Page
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    Orlando Oviedo real estate agents

    Looking for a little assistance from a fellow Realtor. I need housing for my kid. I am a father of a son that attends University of Central Florida in his third year. I am also a 25-year full time Florida real estate broker-Realtor in southeast Florida, 150-miles away. I belong to two MLS...
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    09 Aero car cheap cheap cheap

    From a price standpoint, is it worth buying a 2009 Aero car for mid $60's as a ******?
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    2008 ACR for sale 1 of 1

    There is a black 2008 ACR on the classifieds and the photos clearly show the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car, how come?
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    Whose red RT Ft. Lauderdale beach area

    I was showing a property today on the ocean in Ft. Lauderdale beach area and saw a Red RT parked in a condo underground parking garage by the elevator, it looked PERFECT, whose is it?
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    Removing the front splitter?

    On the aero package (non ACR), how easy is it to remove the front splitter?
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    Road to nowhere Viper news

    Did anyone see the article from the Orlando Sentinel today, it was also published in our local rag. It was titled: Road To Nowhere Subtitled: Detroit braces for severe cutbacks of makes, models It quotes: "Dodge has pulled the plug on the Viper sports car, unless a buyer for that...
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    Anyone near Butler, MO

    Anyone close to Butler, MO 64730 to look at a new Viper for me in? Thanks in advance, Steve
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    $5,000.00 cash back

    I just saw there is $5,000.00 cash back on new vipers. Whatever happened to the AARP deal ($100 over EP)? As together -this would make it a great time to buy another Viper. I remember the AARP promotion in the beginning was not clear to dealers, or anyone else and we were suppose to get...
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    Is this Viper over the top?

    eBay Motors: Dodge : Viper (item 110310772704 end time Nov-20-08 13:49:02 PST)#
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    Miami Int'l Auto Show

    I was at the car show yesterday, and very dissappointed not to see a VIPER in the show. NO VIPER, they should have had a ACR to wow the people and show the crowds what Dodge can produce and gets some excitement going to sell their other cars. Even Chevy had two ZR1 in the show, one at the...
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    Any ACR's w/two-tone interior

    I didn't know if it was available? If so, I'd like to see some interior photos.
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    Extended Warranty help

    I am looking to buy an extended Maximum care (Max care) extended warranty for my 2005. I've received a couple quotes for the zero-deductible, 60000 mile, 7-year max care warranty, they are $1,720.00 and $1765.00. Does this seem reasonable? Can I do better?
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    I just got ******* HELP!!!

    I went out and drove the car for a couple hours yesterday. I just went outside to drive it again tonight. I thought I'd play mechanic and check my tire pressure. I noticed a F-cking ***** in the back tire, don't know how long the ***** is, haven't unscrewed it, what advice do you have to remedy...
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    Battery dead? HELP NEEDED NOW!!!

    I went to start the beast tonight, a 2005 SRT10 with 2200 miles on the clock. All I heard was a rapid fire, machine gun type, clicking sound. Everything else seems to work, lights, radio, etc.,though sitting in the garage with the lights and radio on doesn't have the same effect as starting it...
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    HELP!!! Tire air compressor/inflator

    What air compressor/inflator do you guys use? Mine decided to quit, and I have to buy another. It will mainly be used to add pressure to my tires. Way back when, it used to be that the air-station was the only one, now everyone makes one, even cordless. Any suggestions would be appreciated...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport Tires RECALLED

    Michelin Recalls Pilot Sport Tires POSTED: 10:41 am EST December 29, 2005 UPDATED: 11:03 am EST December 29, 2005 GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A problem with quality standards is prompting Michelin North America to recall about 6,500 tires in its Pilot Sport line. The tire maker said it decided on the...
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    Oops, part fell off, is it covered under warranty?

    Behind the front wheel, in the wheel well, there is a BLACK plastic piece measuring 3" x 11-1/4", it is secured by three (3) plastic screws. While pulling into the garage after a next drive, I heard a slight dragging noise and looked under the car and the passenger side piece was being held...
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    Correct tire pressure?

    ..........on my stock, non tracked, pleasure driving 2005 SRT 10 with runflats? I did a search, and the only information I found was DC said 29PSI on the door COLD, and the maximum on the tire was WOW -52PSI. Since I have a 1000 miles on my car, and have never checked the tire pressure, nor...
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    Painted dash help

    I just ordered a bunch of triple chrome interior pieces from George at MGW. I want to get the dash painted (yellow) like Vipper Rich and others did before I install the triple chrome bezel rings for the gauges, etc. Do I just order the VCA edition dash from a dealer and remove the special...
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    Anyone have stripes on an SRT 10?

    I looking for photos of stripes on an SRT? Preferably a yellow one.
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    SRT Track experience

    I know they had a couple events already in Colorado and Las Vegas in June, anyone go and can give some feedback on your personal experiences with the event?
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    Florida Russian Roulette-I have to play.

    Where do I take the car for service? The victims are Fairbanks Dodge in Coconut Creek, Florida or Arcardi Dodge in Pompano Beach, Florida. Anyone on the VCA forum used either one and can form an opinion on which one will supply the best, honest service without ******** up the rest of my yellow...
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    Did anyone take off their sun visors?

    Did anyone eliminate their sun visors. I enjoy riding with the convertible top down and with my sunglasses ("shades")on. When you place the visors in the up position to see out the windshield, and drive the car at highway speeds, the sun visors flop down. Only two screws hold each sun visor...
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    Coolest convertibles for 2005

    Go to the Forbes report on Yahoo finance