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    RT/10 Top Bolts

    Ok, here's the story. I took my soft top apart because it was sagging and I was going to straighten out the side bars. Well I straightened them out but while I had it apart my father used my garage to work on his car. After I was ready to put the top back together I couldn't find the bolts. So I...
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    NO GUILT in Virginia

    Just wondering who drives the red GEN I I keep seeing in my office parking lot. VA license plate "NO GUILT".
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    Gen I Windshields

    Does anyone now of a source for original, unused GEN I windshields? I've already contacted JonB and his source only seems to have used ones that they want to take out of a junker. I'd rather avoid that if possible as I can't imagine they can be removed without at least some (possibly...
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    T-Rex killed by GEN 1.

    Smooth tubes, K&N's, Kumhos. He got a 2 foot lead (meaning his front wheels were 2 feet ahead of mine) and kept it up to about 90 but ran out of breath. By 120 he was two lengths back. Now we know.
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    Suspension/Alignment and front-end noise

    Well, after about a year of getting a really annoying creeaaak sound from the front end when I took off, I finally found the culprit. Turns out when I took my car to have the alignment done, the shop (a 5-star dealer in Orlando) failed to tighten ANY of the suspension bolts back to spec...
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    How to REALLY get out of a ticket!

    Someone posted recently about the old method of avoiding points on your license when you get a ticket by sending in a check for more than the fine amount. From what we saw, it doesn't work in most places. I even tried it myself in Virginia and it doesn't work. However, I have now gotten out...
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    Head Gasket Picture?

    I remember someone posting a picture of a rotted out head gasket on here some time ago but I can't find it now. I'm about to replace mine and would like to see what I'm dealing with. Does anyone have a good pic? --Rob
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    I remember a rumor some time before the original Viper was released that the engine was going to use copper heads. They were going to call the engine the copperhead V10. Any truth to that or just someone's play on the snake theme? Pure Copper is over three times heavier than the aluminum...
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    Head Gaskets

    There may be an obvious reason for this but, has anyone considered copper head gaskets for the Viper? Specifically, the GEN I's? They're usually used on racecars and are more expensive but they can't possibly be more expensive than the price DC is charging for the re-engineered (but still...
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    Setting Design Height and creaky suspension

    I had my Viper aligned while on vacation and now it creaks very loudly when taking off (very embarrassing). I imagine the dealership didn't tighten all the suspension parts adequately. From reading the alignment instructions, I can see why. You have to set everything with the car at "curb...
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    Tonneau cover by Grilletech or Ryan Walsh--warning

    I recently bought a tonneau cover off e-bay and MAN what a piece of ****. I ordered the thing in February and by May 1st it still wasn't here. I got no response to my e-mails to the guy so I had to go snooping around the 'net to find his numbers and address (both work and home). I called and...
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    Mr. Clean AutoDry Car Wash?

    Has anyone else tried the new Mr. Clean AutoDry Car Wash product? I picked one up the other day but haven't tried it yet. It's basically a large nozzle that you hook up to a hose and it filters the water used in the final rinse of your car. Supposedly this eliminates water spots and the need...
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    Door open sensor/switch?

    I've got a problem with my '94 RT/10 acting like the driver's door is open all the time. The dome light stays on and the door chime dings constantly unless I unplug it. I had the door panels off recently to install door poppers but forgot to figure out how the sensor works. From what I...
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    Side curtain repairs

    I have two sets of stock side curtains for my '94 RT/10. One of them is really scratched up and I was wondering...has anyone considered having a shop replace the plastic piece? They looke like they're simply sewn in so I'd imagine any upholstery shop could do it. After alll, the rest of the...
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    Rocking Engine

    I just put a new clutch in my '94 a few months ago and now I've noticed that the gear shift lever moves much more than it used to when I rev the engine. Looks like I might have torn the motor mounts? I had someone (a non-Viper, Viper-owning mechanic) tell me a while back that movement in the...
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    Wiring Question (94 RT/10)

    My '94 RT/10's left door speakers stopped working again and I've tracked it down to the wiring harness that goes through the left door jam to the interior. Removing the cover I found that three of the wires are broken. I fixed this once about 2 years ago by splicing and soldering ALL of the...
  18. R sand!

    I just went out to the parking garage at my girlfriend's college (Gallaudet) and found that someone has dumped a bucket of sand over top of my '94 Viper. Asking around we found out that it's been that way since at least 2:00 this afternoon. It's a very very fine sand (about the consistency of...
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    VA, MD, DC Zaino guy

    I just had a tremendous experience with Dave Rose, the Zaino distributor in my area (Northern Virginia) and thought I'd spread the word a little. I called him on a Friday afternoon and asked if he had a complete set of Zaino products that I could go by his house and buy so I could have my car...
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    Brakes Pull

    I have a '94 RT with about 35K miles on it and it's just started developing a brake pull problem. I've already switched out the front pads for green EBCs and had the front rotors turned by a race-experienced machine shop but the problem persists. I've also looked at all the rear pads and...
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    Deaf owners/significant others?

    I'm working out my plans for VOI and my g/f is curious if there are any other deaf owners or S/Os out there. I'm not deaf but she is and we'd be interested in meeting up with any other deaf couples or individuals. Even if you're not going to attend VOI, drop a line on here or e-mail me at...
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    The K&N debate.

    I installed K&Ns in my '94 yesterday after having read all of the posts about it on the board and, frankly, worrying a little. One of the big advantages of the K&N upgrade is that it's completely reversible without any permanent changes to the car required. However, some time ago someone...
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    Odd Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    I ordered a set of exhaust manifold gaskets from JonB for my early '94. I removed the manifold over the weekend and it appears that the gasket is the wrong one. Jon seems a little stumped at this point so I thought I'd see what the board thinks. The gasket I removed from the car has round...
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    Re-torquing heads...Do I need exhaust manifold gaskets?

    I just started working on re-torquing the heads on my '94. I've got a slight coolant leak; it's not enough to make a puddle but I do have some coolant trails on the bottom of the block and the aroma gets sickening sometimes. I notice that the lower head bolts are almost impossible to get to...
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    Another one stolen! VERY DARING thiefs.

    This one is pretty weird. The thiefs used a Prowler as a burglary tool: