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    14 SRT Viper TA FOR SALE!

    2014 SRT Viper TA Miles 1,*** Oil change performed at 500 miles Xpel clear bra White calipers White & Black valve covers 5% tint Tinted tail lights Warranty valid through October 2017 Nick @ 631-236-8613 ] Vin # 1c3adeaz3ev300018
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    Orange TA for sale?

    Does anyone know of a "like NEW" 2014 SRT TA in Orange for sale? Please contact me if there's one out there... THANKS!
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    Any rare ACR combos for sale?

    I will no longer be looking for an ACR. I got a deal on a White TA that I couldn't pass on... thanks anyways!
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    Any rare ACR combos for sale?

    Interested in a low mileage ACR that has a rare color combo such as... SSG with black center band & green driver stripe White with red driver stripe White with black center band & red driver stripe Voodoo Light blue with or without black center band Etc... Cash in hand! PM or email...
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    Dealers are comparing the values on a 13/4 Viper with no options to a 13/4 Viper that's loaded with "BS" too closely. 70/80k trade in value for a 90k/100k (base model) car is reasonable, but they're offering the same trade in price for the cars optioned up to $150k. Myself along with another VCA...
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    The entire Gen 5 productivity has been nothing less then a disaster. The car is amazing, especially the TA, but I would never in a million years buy a Gen 5 looking at all of these horror stories. 50% less offered on a trade? Some not even getting offers? Give me a break! The Viper brand has...
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    You're not getting it... Your scud dropped that value over 5+ years. The Gen 5 Viper is losing up to 50 % of it's value in the FIRST year. I'm ready to buy a Viper TA, but with the way the values are holding up, no way am I taking a loss like that.
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    Recent picture of my Viper

    SOLD!!!!! :2tu:
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    Looking to trade wheels/tires

    Thanks! Martino Auto Concepts Not yet. Taking too long so most likely trading it in. Want to swap some parts before doing so.
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    Looking to trade wheels/tires

    I have a set of factory 5 spoke wheels powder coated black with Michelin Pilot Super Sports (less then 3k miles on the set). Looking to trade for factory 5 or 10 spoke wheels with Ps1 or Ps2 tires plus cash. PM or 631-236-8613 Thanks!
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    Factory wheels/tires for sale?

    Please delete
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    Recent picture of my Viper

    Asking $52,900.00 18k miles 631-236-8613 if interested.
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    VIDEO: SRT VIPER T.A. Track Test

    Every Gen 5 should have been equivalent to the TA as far as performance, style and price if you ask me. Absolutely beautiful!
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    Carbon Spoiler Build Thread

    I'd buy one for sure.
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    18k - too many miles?

    Yes you do. :D
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    $34,380 off MSRP Loaded GTS!

    Looks like they're holding value :omg:
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    18k - too many miles?

    Since I live in NY, I was trying to save sales tax by trading the vehicle in. I've been selling it for a few months through word of mouth to see if someone I'm familiar with would like to purchase the car but recently put it on as it wasn't working out. Listed it for $56,900 as...
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    18k - too many miles?

    Owner from Roanoke told me my 06 Viper has "too many miles" with 18k on the clock while trying to inquire about a TA (using my Viper as a trade in). "Not interested in a car with high mileage and multiple owners". Just over 2k miles a year is a lot nowadays? Hmm... :dunno:
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    RSI Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2013

    Not sure if it's me, but the website isn't very user friendly when trying to find/order parts.