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    NEW Gen IV Mopar Venom Controller For Sale

    Bought to install in my own "new to me" Viper, and turns out it already has one installed! Never installed or programmed...a ****** controller if you will, ready to be VIN locked to your car. Part # P5155255AB Fits 2008-2010 Coupe or Convertible $850 obo
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    Garage sale w/ Pictures now!

    Alright...I listed some items before but didn't have any pictures available of them. I'm looking to mainly just get rid of these things and help someone out. Just basically offer me a little more than shipping to your part of the country (I live in Maryland) and it's yours. I'm not interested...
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    Small Item Garage Sale

    I have some random things from my 3 Vipers that I need gone. All items are from my 03-06 cars. Sun Visors Shift Bezel Shift **** Antenna Module 25k mile stock floor mats OEM Springs 1 F Shock 1 R Shock 1 Small Chrome Fire Ext with Fangs Logo I'll update as I find more things - it's amazing...
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    Baer Eradispeeds for sale These are the Baer Eradispeed 2 piece rotors that came off my last SRT-10 Viper. They have under 2000 miles on them and performed and looked perfect for me. They are lighter than the factory rotors which helped offset the weight...
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    Painted Red OEM 2008 Hood available

    Just took the hood off my 06 coupe that was sold. It's a factory 2008 OEM hood, with all OEM hardware, painted solid Viper Red. Available for pick up in Maryland. PM for details/pricing/pictures.
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    Car has been sold

    Well I decided to sell the Viper a little while back as some of you know, and the sale was finalized today. It was loaded on a transporter headed to a first time Viper owner, but ******** Mopar fan. It'll be in good hands. Not sure where I'm going to land, as I'm certainly not ruling out...
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    Considering selling my modded Paxton coupe...VCA members interested?

    I'm not making this an official for sale ad here yet, but am very close to listing it on Autotrader and the 'bay. I'm either going to get into a Gen IV, or something with 4 seats to include my family in the fun. Just wanted to give VCA members first shot if there is any interest. 2006...
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    Used 03-10 OEM Brake Rotors

    Looking for a set of used brake rotors collecting dust in your garage...send a PM please:D
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    Saw a new Viper on the DC Beltway...vid inside I've seen 10 or so Gen V's so far, but this was the first one out on the road. Even in stop and go traffic, it looks sooo curvy, and way more exotic than my Gen III Coupe.
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    Ralph signed my Viper today!

    Went to a local car show today named Moparpalooza and had Ralph sign my car. Just thought I would share - I'm still amazed everytime at Ralph's grassroots approach to marketing and being a CEO :****:
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    SCAM attempt through VCA Classifieds

    Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention since I honestly didn't think this would happen here. Got an email from Lewis Telflol [email protected] asking about a Gen III Differential I have in the classifieds. It just felt fishy from the start. Turns out, he has scammed on a few...
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    FS: Aero catback exhaust with resonators

    I'm selling my Aero exhaust that I ran on my coupe through the winter. It's in great shape and probably has under 400 miles of use. The beauty of this system is it can run with factory 2.5" systems or aftermarket 3" systems. If you decide to use the resonators with factory manifolds and cats...
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    What insurance company for Agreed Value policy?

    Who is everyone using? The local agent for Hagerty (former VCA member) just informed me my car wouldn't qualify. So what companies are you guys using? What should I expect to pay?
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    Anyone have Moton canister replacement decals?

    Mine are a little messed up If not, or they aren't available, I'm thinking about doing something custom if I can get a sign shop to duplicate the logo's...
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    [PICS] New wheels on my 06 coupe!

    As you may or may not know, I've been running my 19/20 360 Forged Concave Tens on my last Viper, and then on this current coupe. I've always loved those wheels and the concave look on the Viper. I had initially planned to run a 20/21 combo with that set, but ultimately got scared because I run...
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    Anyone with a Magnaflow for sale?

    Looking to change up a bit from my Aero's and Corsa's. Thanks!
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    [PICS] Under hood Bling finally completed

    Well, the engine bay of my car was nothing to brag about when I got it, other than the Paxton:rolaugh: But, I'm a bright and shiny kind of guy so I had to address the boring cast aluminum. My valve covers were showing their age as well, and didn't match the red exterior paint. I had Mirror...
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    [PICS] 3M Carbon Fiber wrap on console

    So after the thread located here: I decided to take this project on myself. I had already bought super white LEDs to replace the dingy yellow bulbs backlighting the gauges, and since I already...
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    Selling Hennessey Air Intake Setup I'm asking $350 obo. It comes with 2 air filters and 2 breather filters..perfect match for GTS Blue!
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    What are your thoughts on PlastiDip?

    I got my new coupe last week, and of course before I got a chance to get the rear lower fascia painted, my painter broke his hand. I've really only trusted him to do my paintwork on all my previous cars so I decided to wait until he heals. In the meantime, I really wanted to have that...
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    A few pics of the new car

    Well, as some of you may or may not know, I wrecked my 2006 Blue/Silver coupe 4 months ago. I had been on the lookout for a Gen IV coupe to replace it, but not having much luck in finding the specific color combo I was after. I was okay with that though as winter is around the corner, and I...
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    Anyone have Belanger high flow cats for sale?

    Looking for a set...have catless pipes to trade if necessary.
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    Looking for a set of gently used Stoptech rotors?

    PM me if you are. I've got front and rears I'm looking to sell. No warping but can resurface before shipping
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    WTB modded Gen IV coupe

    I think my budget will restrict me to a 2008 coupe, but want to see whats out there. I would prefer a solid SSG coupe, but I'm becoming more open to other colors, preferably if they are lower mileage and modded. I think the only two colors I'm basically 100% against are Black and Venom Red...
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    Searching for a solid SSG 2008 Coupe, among other colors...

    Well, things are finally complete in regards to my 2006 Coupe accident, so it's time to start looking for my next Viper. I had many color and stripe options in mind, particularly before I went to VOI. After seeing nearly every color combo, I've narrowed it down considerably. I'm only...