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    Backup Camera Install in Convertible

    I was hoping to not have to drill a hole but I will if necessary. I haven’t made an attempt to install it yet. I installed the radio yesterday and I’ll work on the camera when I get a chance. I did see some wiring that leads from the trunk to the drive side fender well. I’ll take it off and see...
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    Backup Camera Install in Convertible

    Has anyone ran wires from the cabin to the trunk in a gen 3 convertible? I’m planning to install a backup camera but I can’t find anywhere to run the wires.
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    Best Tires for 2004 Viper

    I recently purchased a 2004 viper with pirelli tires and the gen 4 rims. I am in need of new tires and am unsure what would be best for strictly street use. The current tire setup is pirelli on the front (295/30zr18) and pirelli back (355/30zr19). Any help is greatly appreciated.