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    Canada Drive threw...

    Seen on 271 south Monday, Somebody lucky to go to VIO 12... MoparBoy?
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    Want to **** 25 min of your day ?
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    Viper crashes and holds up well....
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    Owner thanks SRT group...OUCH
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    Nice video

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    What Dodge should of done...

    Pics of my recent project....
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    Steve Vipair

    Steve pics of the kit you sold me turned out nice The way Dodge should have made it......
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    New Club Badge

    Well after the wait....Not the "new" viper on badges old ACR..:(
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    Holidays are over..

    Over for another Year..:headbang:
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    Happy Holidays

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    Cool And a CLEAN Shop
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    Good Bad Or ugly..

    So tell me how good are the Drive shaft shops axles for the viper..
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    Car Wash anybody....
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    Nw Viper ?? Makes for a good cup of joe for the morning... Marc
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    Quarter Mile

    Anybody have a " estimated" Horepower rating at the rear wheels to make these turds go 10.0 and or 9.90's. Now this is also that the car has a decent tire on also. Thanks
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    Viper Parts Of America

    Anybody order yet? There shipping ***** a week later and nothing no tracking number zilch... I guess I was used to Jon at the other supplier and that is why is wasnt looking for a tracking number, My vote to the future is not again.. Marc
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    Running the "BIG " end

    Who runs or has run in the upper end of the speedo, And what was your thoughts of how the car handled with the factory setup or your setup. My feeling after the front splitter was installed the nose seemed less "flighty" and more grounded but needs to have to have more HP to go any further. But...
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    Started or drove

    So am I the only one here that has not started nor drivin my Viper this year. What kind of owner am I? Just not enough time and the key point here my oldest is four and the twins just turned two so I dont think I have to explain a whole lot about my extra time I dont have.
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    Best Tow Vehicle

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    ACR front splitter

    Can someone post a picture on how the front splitter cable is attached at the frame or front tube on a 08 ACR. Thanks
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    Cuda BABY !!

    Thought you guy's would like I Did...YouTube - LMC Super Cuda 200 MPH!
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    Gen 3 valve covers

    Here is a link to my classified ad for this item: Gen 3 Valve covers - ViperClub Classifieds Anyone in need of a new set of Valve cover? 325.00 pm me. Never mounted.
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    Carbon fiber brake rotors

    Pros and cons of he rotors mostly rosd use but track use also.
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    Ford GT

    How does the Ford GT compare to a 08 Viper?
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    Have they released the new air cleaner kit for the gen 3 to fit the 08 hood yet?